Tuesday, November 24, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


Things are getting worse. So much worse.

Five people were shot near Black Lives Matter protest site.

They weren't shot by police. They were shot by white supremacists. White supremacists had been showing up every night at the protests over the murder of Jamar Clark. The black protesters, despite the obvious intent to intimidate and despite the fact that these people want black people dead, never did anything to hurt them. They only herded them away from the main protest area to keep the disruption of their disrespectful presence to a minimum.

When they did that yesterday, the white supremacists open fired on them. Five people were shot, but luckily none of the wounds were life-threatening. They're all okay. However, all of the shooters escaped. If they had been black shooters, they would have been hunted down like dogs or immediately tackled and beaten to a pulp, if not killed, by police. Or the police would have just started shooting into crowds of black people. Yet somehow, all the white supremacists escaped. Apparently, one has now been arrested. I wonder how this will go?

That was sarcasm. I know how that will go.

Now for some local news.

Western Washington University cancels classes as hate speech is investigated.

That's my college. Enough shit has happened there recently to remind me that even the most "liberal" places aren't safe for people of color.

Recently, it was announced that a change to the Western mascot was being considered. The Western Vikings includes a mascot of an angry-looking white viking head. I know that vikings get a bad rap and they were really not any worse than any other (or any Christian) white empire. But it is true that they're associated with a ton of violence and rape and, of course, they were white, and so is the mascot.

There are not a lot of people of color on at Western. It's a pretty goddamn white school. It's especially lacking black people. So the people of color who are there have a hard enough time feeling welcomed without being greeted by a white face. It makes complete sense. Change the mascot. No big deal. They don't even have a football team anymore, so literally who cares? Just don't change it to the Western Ferns because that's the most boring mascot conceivable.

But, of course, some people REALLY CARE A WHOLE FUCKING LOT.

In an interview, Shepard said Western was alerted by employees who saw the threat first on the anonymous social-media phone application Yik Yak. Later, students contacted the administration as well. 
He said the target was students of color, and that he decided to suspend classes because he was concerned about the safety of all students. Tuesday was to be the last day of classes before the Thanksgiving break.

At least the campus is responding properly. Some students are threatened? Protect everyone.

Shepard confirmed that some of the hate speech appears to be connected to a suggestion made by student leaders that the school’s mascot, a viking, be changed to one that is more inclusive.

People are so fucking ridiculous. They try to paint black people as violent thugs, yet all it takes is a discussion of maybe making a mascot more inclusive and here come the death threats!

The article doesn't reveal what the messages were, but the University President is taking this very seriously, saying that it's clearly not your everyday trolling. This was hate speech.

My fellow white people are so fucking pathetic.

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