Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This is Not Okay


When attacks like the ones in France happen, that is, attacks on a white-dominated, Western country happen, I have the following though process:

  1. Oh fuck that's terrible.
  2. Oh fuck here comes the Islamophobia.

And I'm not even Muslim.

One of the many terrible things about Islamophobia (in addition to the fact that Islamophobia accomplishes exactly what ISIS wants) is that it's so ignorant that it spreads to people who are not Muslim.

I think I've mentioned one Veerender Jubbal before. He's a Sikh man who is somewhat Internet famous for being the sweetest, cutest anti-GamerGate Twitter person ever. He speaks out against GamerGate and general online harassment and gets harassed in turn for being Sikh. 

In what is not the grossest thing they've ever done but still pretty fucked up, they altered a photo of him holding an iPad to make it look like he's holding the Qur'an and wearing a suicide bomber vest. 

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It's a terrible Photoshop job, but enough to be picked up by a couple small news outlets reporting on the recent attacks in France. They literally published the photo on the left as though the man apparently taking a mirror selfie with a Qur'an in a Sikh turban is a member of ISIS who was involved in the attack.

Mr. Jubbal, of course, complained about this, and at least some of the news outlets apologized. My favorite GamerGate response to the portrayal of the most peaceful person ever as a KILLER ISIS TERRORIST is this:

This actually proves one of my main points about GamerGate and their "ethics in gaming journalism" bullshit. Because that's what they pretend that GamerGate is about.

This clusterfuck wherein a completely peaceful Sikh man famous for saying "gosh" like the adorable puppy he is was portrayed as an ISIS terrorist by news organizations who didn't take the time to determine where the altered photo came from or notice that it was clearly Photoshopped is an example of a REAL issue of ethics in journalism. But instead of that, you're getting all up in arms over video game news sites maybe giving better reviews to video games than they deserve so that you spend some money on something you didn't like as much as you thought you would.

And then they tell feminists that we're not fighting against the REAL ISSUES (TM).

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