Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Recommended Reading

In light of what's happening at Mizzou right now, please read this amazing piece by Roxane Gay about student activism and racism on college campuses. It's incredibly moving and important.

Student Activism Is Serious Business


It seems that when it comes to racism, people of color are expected to endure without complaint. We are expected to be grateful for opportunities, like a college education, while ignoring racial aggressions both great and small. We are supposed to be noble in the face of staggering humiliations. As a student, I was expected to show my ID every single time it was demanded of me and I was expected to pretend it did not hurt. As a faculty member, I am expected to show my campus ID every time it is demanded of me. I may be expected to pretend it doesn’t hurt, but now I refuse to participate in the charade.

I'm so angry that such a brilliant woman who is so deserving of her degree and her position as a professor has to put up with this continuing racism that has plagued her for decades. She and all black people deserve so much better.

Black students put their lives on the line in the 60's for activism, and they have to do the same today. I will never know that experience. They are so amazing.

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