Friday, November 13, 2015

Male Tears Time, Eh?

Predictably, the men of Canada are crying hard over actual panda bear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau creating real parity in his cabinet. 50% of his cabinet are women, and the men are weeping, "what about the merit!"

"But what about merit?” they asked in sombre tones and rhetorically alarmist column headlines all across the country. “What if we’re choosing gender over competence?” they wondered, deep worry lines forming on their foreheads. There is something astonishing and yet completely predictable about a group of people so unaware of their own privilege suddenly questioning the merit of a 50/50 cabinet, when it never occurred to them to do so when it was once comprised of 80 per cent men.

Literally what they're saying is that Trudeau must have chosen these women because of their gender, not because they're competent. That there cannot possibly be enough women in Canada who are competent enough for the job. His desire to have a cabinet that actually represents the human population of Canada is going to hurt the country because surely women couldn't handle the job as well as a bunch of men could.

That is pure misogyny. And it happens every time actual parity is achieved, come close to, or even discussed. Because there are so many people in the world who truly believe that men are better than women. At politics, at business, and every job that our society values.

This is what I mean when I talk about living in a patriarchy. And why I can hardly respond with anything but scorn and sarcasm when people try to tell me we don't.

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