Thursday, November 12, 2015

Judge Scott Johansen Hates Babies


Spread the word. Scott Johansen, official Baby Hater.

Utah Judge Takes Foster Child Away From Lesbian Parents Because Lesbian Parents

Obviously this piece of moldy cheese hates lesbians as well, but if you hate them so much that you're willing to screw over a baby, I'm going to label you a hater of babies.

In Utah, a juvenile court judge, Scott Johansen, has ordered that a baby girl being foster parented by a lesbian couple be taken away from them within the week for no other reason than their sexual orientation. Johansen has claimed that his decision was based on research that claims different-sex parents have kids with better outcomes than same-sex ones, but the couple — April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce — say that his decision had a religious motive. Johansen reportedly refused to produce any of the research that he claims to be citing.

Actually, research suggests the opposite, Scott. But what do you care? As long as you can make lesbians and babies suffer, right?

What happened to the baby? Did they actually have a straight couple lined up for her? Even if they did, is the baby at an age that she won't suffer from separation anxiety and be generally traumatized by losing her parents?

This story is exploding. Let's all add fuel to this fire as much as we can, for the sake of the FUCKING BABY. Because, you know, most of us are not baby haters.

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