Monday, November 30, 2015

How Are Pro-Lifers Being Pro-Life Today?


Trying to get up in time to go to a coffee shop so I can write without all the distractions of home and actually get myself out of the apartment but also make breakfast first so I don't have to spend all my money on $5 muffins and pre-made egg sandwiches (even though I order $5 coffee drinks, and don't worry, I tip generously) and get started writing before noon is somehow a little impossible, at least on Mondays. Good luck getting content from me in the morning unless you live in Hawaii.

Also, every coffee shop is now playing Christmas music 24/7. If you didn't yet know this about me, constant Christmas music makes my urge to kill rise. Also, don't wear lipstick and then get a coffee for here unless you want to worry about totally ruining the independent coffee shop's nice ceramic cups and have to painstakingly wipe off the lipstick marks with every sip.

Anyway, what fuckery went on during the long weekend? Oh yeah, a white "pro-life" man went into a Planned Parenthood and killed three people.

It's already been pointed out a thousand times how this is terrorism and how one of the people he killed was a cop and he shot like five other cops but still managed to come out the other side alive, unlike black people who do things like walk fast or have a look on their face. It continues to baffle how people don't think white privilege is a thing.

Republicans and anti-choicers are, of course, trying with all their desperate hypocritical power to pretend that it doesn't matter that this man is anti-choice and conservative. Ted Cruz went so far as to burst out that "[i]t’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist."

Only the first thing is true, and ignores the fact that in the U.S., "independent" means "Republican who wants to smoke weed" and/or "someone so conservative that they're angry at Republicans for not being conservative enough." Apparently there was a voter's registration form that identified him as female, but that was probably just a typo.

Is there any point to calling attention to the fact that Republicans don't want us to "jump to conclusions" about this "[insert ableist slur here] individual" when they all want to refuse entry to Syrian refugees because some terrorists were incorrectly identified as Syrian but were in fact European nationals? Their rhetoric works for them, so they'll keep at it until it doesn't, no matter how many of us point out their massive throbbing hypocrisy. At this point, we need to focus on ending the rampant gerrymandering they've used to fuck up voting districts so that we can finally vote them all the fuck out and go back to being a functioning country before the violent revolt happens.

I don't think the non-cop victims of this terrorist act have been identified yet, so we don't know if they were employees or just people going there for help (not that it matters, nobody deserved to die there), but they died because of people like Ted Cruz and other "pro-life" hatemongers who made this man think he was justified in committing murder. He was saying something about "baby parts," so shout out to the anti-choice organizations who made those heavily edited lie-filled videos that they knew were total lies but put them out anyway because all of their sins are justified to save the babies, right? Well, I hope you're happy. Blood is on your hands.

Anti-choicers are murderers.

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