Monday, November 9, 2015

Flawless Anti-Racism Victory

This is something I should have written about a long time ago but I somehow missed most of what was going on. And by "somehow," I mean "because of racism."

The University of Missouri has been under fire for a while for constantly ignoring issues that affect their more vulnerable students, especially the black ones. Racial slurs thrown at black students, including the student body president, the University removing a Planned Parenthood physician and other affiliated people from the campus, cutting benefits for graduate assistants without warning - and during all of this (plus the shooting of Mike Brown), the University president has remained silent and done nothing.

After someone drew a swastika in poop on a University bathroom wall and nothing was done, student Jonathan Butler started a hunger strike and massive protests began, calling for the University president to resign for his inaction.

It took the football team refusing to play, but he finally resigned with a whiny speech.

The best part:

His statement also was tinted with a hint of frustration. “This is not, I repeat not, the way change should come about,” Wolfe said at Old Alumni Center on campus, in an appearance that was nationally televised. “Change should come about from listening, learning, caring and conversation.”

The students were protesting specifically because you failed to listen, learn, care, and converse. Then they gave up trying to talk to you because it didn't work and instead worked to get you to resign so that maybe they could get a president who would listen and talk to them, and now you're whining because they didn't talk to you about it?

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

The moral of the story is that solidarity and protests work, and entitled whiny white rich guys sucks and should be fired from everything. Way to go, University of Missouri students. Especially the black students.

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