Monday, November 2, 2015


Remember that nonsensical graph that Republicans whipped out while they were officially grilling that poor woman from Planned Parenthood who then humiliated them by pointing out that the data and sources were crap?

That was a great moment for America.

It's also funny because anti-feminists pull the same kind of crap all the time. Probably because conservatives and people who generally hate progress of any kind that takes away their unfair advantages don't have any decent evidence on their side, so they have to make shit up to try and trick people. And by "probably," I mean definitely, I see them do it all the time.

Like this shit that's going around Tumblr:

Click to Enlarge

What in the what? What is the basis for the Y axis? Why is "Egalitarianism" always at 5? What does it mean? What does any of this mean???

Hint: It means that MRA's are full of shit.

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