Monday, November 23, 2015

An Observation

So I decided to walk down to a coffee shop today to work since I have little other reason to leave the house and don't want to become a total cave troll. On the way I passed the local library, which is currently undergoing heavy construction on its main entrance road. As I passed the construction workers, the only two women I saw were the ones standing with the stop/slow signs. Both of these women smile at me when I passed, even the one standing on the opposite side of the road that I was walking on. She smiled past two of her male coworkers who were hard at work kind of randomly walking around or standing and looking at stuff, at me. Both smiles were incredibly warm and genuine.

The men who were "working" (the most I saw honestly was one guy kind of moving stuff around and one other measuring something with the measuring tape) all avoided eye contact with me. One glanced my way and there was a half second of awkward eye contact before he went back to measuring.

Why are men so terrible? Why are the women delegated to the most mind-numbing jobs when men don't even do their work hardly and don't seem to have any measure of basic human friendliness or kindness? Those women have to stand in one spot for god knows how many hours per day and they can still manage a warm smile at a stranger walking through their construction shit. But men??? ??????????? What's wrong with you guys?

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