Monday, November 2, 2015

Amazing Women of Color

More black women in congress. Way more. Wayyyyyy more. As soon as possible.

There Are Zero Black Women in the Senate. Donna Edwards Is Trying to Change That.

Donna thinks it's ridiculous that there are currently no black women in the Senate, especially since black women are so important to the Democrat party. Black women, as a group, have the highest voting rate in the country. 70% of black women in the U.S. vote in each election. The overall population has a turnout of around 40% or 60% depending if it's a presidential election or not. And of course, black women tend to vote for the party that doesn't explicitly hate them, at least.

Unlike her mostly white male counterparts, Edwards got right to work once she was elected and actually, you know, works hard. And she's a womanist.

For Edwards, economic issues are undeniably feminist issues. 
As both a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the chairwoman of the Women's Democratic Forum, Edwards exists at the intersection of two underserved identities in politics: African-Americans and women. 
When asked if she felt that women of color often struggle to have their voices heard among members of both groups, she didn't seem to think that was the case — at least not in government. She sees both groups being dedicated to being more inclusive of intersecting identities, and says that goal can be achieved by electing more women of color.

She may be the only politician I donate money to this year. Because women of color have a huge barrier to being elected to anything, and that is money. Bernie Sanders is cool but if you have any extra cash to donate, seek out women of color candidates.

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