Thursday, November 19, 2015

Amazing Woman of Color

Your guaranteed reaction to this headline:


A Macon woman was determined to take a college psychology test, despite the fact that she was in labor. On Thursday, November 12, 21-year-old Tommitrise Collins was preparing to deliver her baby at Coliseum Medical Center, but before that happened she had to take an online test.   
Collins told FOX 5 News she could only take the exam on that day. 


“If I’m not in too much pain, I’ll take it,” Collins told her sister, Atlanta resident Shanell Chapman. Collins said her plan was to handle as much pain as long as possible and when she took the test she was not on any medication.  
"It took me 4-5 hours after the opening of the test to try to put the pain to the side and do it so I wouldn't have to do it later and I could enjoy my newborn," Collins said. 


She had contractions every three minutes and she still finished a half hour early!

Even better, she wasn't satisfied with the score she got while she was crowning, so the University let her take it again, and she got a B. If it were me, I would have just curved Collins' grade to an A. Give that woman the birthing curve. SHE TOOK THE TEST WHILE IN LABOR JUST GIVE HER A DIPLOMA.

This amazing black woman has already clearly worked harder than I ever did to get a degree, just give her the diploma, she's gonna be great.

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