Thursday, October 1, 2015

Women's Costume of the Century

Remember last October when I spent the entire month posting ridiculous sexualized women's Halloween costumes? There were all kinds of "sexy" food items, objects, and racist caricatures of non-white cultures.

I thought I'd seen it all. But they outdid themselves this year. You might have already seen this as I've been saving it for the first day of October.

I present to you, sexy Donald Trump.

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That photo doesn't make it look particularly sexy, but then there are the shorts.

Yep. They took the world's unsexiest man who has never ever worn shorts with his suit and made this costume, calling it "Donna T. Rumpshaker." Complete with wig that doesn't really look right, hat that says "Make America Great," and this eBay listing includes free lacy panties!

God is dead.

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