Friday, October 16, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


The following happened while a black man was in custody at a police station where cameras are always recording. So the police knew they were going to be recorded. Just want to establish that.

A video was released showing cops tasering a black man in the genitals while he's tied to a chair. I didn't watch it. Because oh my god. Matthew Ajibade died in custody. Because oh my god.

Matthew was arrested because he had a bipolar episode, hit his girlfriend, and then broke a deputy's nose. For those who are unaware, people suffering from bipolar disorder can experience psychosis during a manic episode. It is very possible that this mentally ill man didn't know what he was doing or who he was doing it to when he became violent. Either way, breaking a cop's nose does not warrant a death sentence without trial.

At the very least, the killing was ruled a homicide by the coroner, several officers were fired, and the cop who used the taser and involved cops have been charged with serious crimes, including involuntary manslaughter.

Still, the fact that this happened in full view of the camera suggests that they didn't think they would be punished at all. And who can blame them? Cops do this shit all the time.

In better news, a group of horrible racists who are not cops who crashed a birthday party for a black child while screaming the n-slur and brandishing weapons have been charged with terrorism.

Fucking finally. It's being acknowledged that my fellow white people are capable of terrorism, even though they're not Arab, or Muslim, or some religion that seems similar to Muslim because they wear head coverings of some sort. I really, really, really hope they're convicted and thrown in prison for a long time.

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