Thursday, October 29, 2015

So This Happened

I just want to tell this story because it's such a good representation of United States politics.

I was out working my day/night job as a delivery driver in Kirkland, and at a busy stoplight, there was a group of what looked like middle school children with "Yes On Prop 1" signs. The current proposition 1 in the city of Kirkland is to build an aquatics and recreation center for the community where people can swim and exercise and do activities and hold classes and even get mental health care - all good community stuff to keep the kids occupied and away from drugs and educate people, etc. So these cute kids, boys and girls of all different races, were out in the drizzle jumping up and down, doing the wave with their signs, and I thought "how great, kids participating in the growth of their community."

And it's not like Kirkland can't afford it. Kirkland is a nice area right next to Lake Washington with plenty of rich and upper middle class residents. I've delivered to some ridiculous homes there.

Then, later on that same day, I see on a different, less busy corner, a group of three probably 50- or 60-something white guys holding up "No On Prop 1" signs. It was so sad and gross. They're probably all conservative, well-off or at least comfortable assholes who would never use a community center because they don't want to risk being exposed to those poorsies.

They might as well have been holding up signs that said "Fuck the Children."

The whole argument against building this community center is that it will cost money. Yes. Doing things for the community costs money. Holy shit. What a concept.

There's this weird hysteria around any money spending in this country, like, you realize that is what a government is supposed to do, right? Any government is constantly spending money to build and maintain roads and fund services, and as the community grows and you get more tax dollars, you spend money to create things that promote community health. Hoarding money like some rich weirdo only makes communities stagnate. It's simple.

I don't even know with this place anymore.

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