Friday, October 9, 2015

People Really Hate Women


So I'm currently running the Facebook and Twitter pages for a certain organization that publishes a lot of petitions. And I couldn't help but notice in the past two days that I've been doing this that whenever the petition is about a woman who did something bad, people have a serious tendency to comment with gendered slurs and suggestions that terrible things happen to her.

Seriously, a woman makes a comment that people don't like, and she's a fucking cunt hag twat bitch who should die. When a man does something like kidnaps a baby or murders a woman or shoots a lion in the face for funsies, it's "this man should go to jail" and "he should lose business" and that's the worst of it. I've seen so many people suggest that women be subjected the the same abuse they subject people and animals to. Not so much when it's men who do it. Even if the responses are angry, they're much more neutral.

I'd love to demonstrate this with screenshots but that's probably not a good idea while I'm still working for the organization whose social media pages I would be screenshotting. But you could probably find the same kind of thing on any petition website. People just hate women so much.

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