Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#NoBraDay: I Hope You Like Feminist Rants Because Hahahahahaha

Okay, this is kind of personal for me. That's probably why I'm angry to the point that I'm smiling right now but if a dude happened to come up to me and say "it's No Bra Day!" I would just up and punch him in the face.

That's not really accurate because 1) I am in my apartment, not a public space, and 2) I seem to be physically incapable of physically harming people. I'd probably just scream incoherently at him until he ran away.

This is not the point. FOCUS.

So a couple minutes ago I noticed that hashtag NoBraDay is trending on Facebook! "Day Encourages People to Go Braless on Oct. 13 to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer" it says.

There is one nice thing about that. It says "people" rather than "women." Now for the rant.

There is a cishet male individual who happens to be a part of a general group of people involving friends of mine I met in college. He is friends with my current significant other. He is at parties I attend put on by said friends and my he is in a gaming group attended by my SO.

He is a fucking misogynistic fuck and he is dead to me.

One of the reasons he is dead to me is that he used to post on Facebook every Wednesday about it being "No Bra Wednesday" or just saying "it's Wednesday ladies ;)." Fucking ew. But his excuse for this was because he read somewhere that bras increase the likelihood of breast cancer. The almost certainly don't, but even if it's true, there is a 100% change that he doesn't actually give a fuck about breast cancer. He doesn't care about the lives of women. He just wants to see tits. Using breast cancer, which kills about 40,000 women each year in the U.S. alone, is just an excuse for him to be a fucking creep. Posting shit like that allows him to harass women and remind us that we're nothing but sexualized parts to him without fear of criticism.

And I tried to explain this to him. Fuck me, right? I actually sat down with him in person and was like "you need to stop doing this because objectifying women fuels rape culture." He pretended to understand and said he would at least switch to focusing his posts on actually spreading information about breast cancer. That was a complete lie. He changed nothing about his behavior. And it pissed me off all the more because back when I was for some reason Facebook friends with him, obviously I could clearly see him continuing to do what he told me to my face he would not do anymore.

What a piece of shit.

I eventually blocked him and declared him dead to me (and unlike him, I keep my promises).

But then Facebook comes along to remind me that while I can block the above shitprick fuckwaffle, there's a WHOLE WORLD of men who don't give a fuck about women or the things that kill us but will gleefully exploit that shit for the sake of their fucking genitals.

“Hur hur show us ur boobs no it’s okay it’s for breast cancer awareness, trust us, we won’t be aware of breast cancer at all unless you show us your tits, we don’t give a fuck about anything that’s killing people unless you sexualize it, all we have the capacity to care about is what gets us fucking horny, SHOW US YOUR TITS.”

Nevermind that objectification makes it easy as fuck to hurt a person, to exploit a person, to rape and kill a person. It's all okay because they're helping us, right? They're helping us by telling us to let them gawk at our bra-less tits. It's like the 60's dude telling women that letting him fuck us is "sexual liberation" when really he doesn't give a fuck about our liberation, he just wants to fuck us, to dominate us, to lift himself up by conquering us, to make himself feel like a man and remind us of our place.

"Why do you hate men?" Hmmm hmm mhmmmmh hmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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