Friday, October 2, 2015

Men Ask Baseball Fans to Take Selfies, Mock Women for Doing the Thing

This is pretty much the epitome of the entire selfie "issue." Two male baseball commentators literally asked fans during a baseball game to take a post photos of themselves to Twitter. Then, not two seconds later, start mocking a group of college women (people keep calling them girls but if they're in a sorority they're very likely 18 or older) for doing exactly this thing.

"Take some selfies and post them HAHAHA LOOK AT THESE SELFIE TAKERS."

Whether or not these women were following these instructions that were undoubtedly also plastered all over the many giant TVs around the stadium, for the love of shit, let people enjoy themselves. It's fucking baseball. You have to do something to dial up the entertainment during the 85% of the game wherein nothing is happening. A lot of men accomplish this by cannonballing eight $15 giant plastic cups of beer, and no one bats an eye.


After the video of the mocking went viral, half from people speculating on how selfie-taking will lead to the end of all humanity and half from feminists being like "can you not," the sports network and one of the baseball teams offered the sorority free tickets to come watch their boring game some more. Instead, the sorority women proved themselves to be classy as fuck by turning down the tickets and suggesting they be donated to an organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

I hope Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly have nightmares about how embarrassed they are over being such colossal assholes.

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