Thursday, October 8, 2015

Male Entitlement is Deadly


This is going to become a really frequent segment, isn't it?

Idaho teen threatened to ‘kill all the girls’ because cheerleaders wouldn’t send him any ‘freaking nudes’

This kid is fifteen. FIFTEEN. And he felt so entitled to hot girls sending him nudes that when they wouldn't, he threatened to murder them.

The fact that grown men feel entitled to nude photos of random women baffles me. Like, they message random women asking for nudes, and then become incredulous and angry when said women say no. Now a male child is threatening to shoot up his school because he doesn't get nudes. He hopped on social media to say he was going to kill all the girls in his school. He had also been harassing girls on Twitter and of course is a racist.

Feminists are here ready to help politicians address the epidemic of toxic masculinity whenever they're ready.

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