Monday, October 26, 2015

Intersex Awareness Day!

Today is officially Intersex Awareness Day! If you're not aware, "intersex" is a term that refers to people who were born with "sex chromosomes," genitalia, and/or internal reproductive organs that differ from the majority of the human population. They face a ton of stigma and doctors very often encourage parents to agree to "corrective surgery" so that the child can be "normal." This can lead to serious gender dysphoria as intersex children are often assigned the incorrect gender.

Do NOT use the term "hermaphrodite" to refer to humans. Ever.

Being intersex is actually very common. It's much more than having both a vagina and a penis. If more people understood this, then more people would understand that gender/sex is not a binary and is wayyyy more complex than male/female. It's a spectrum. Intersex people can help us cis people understand this, if we decide to shut up and listen.

MTV, which has become surprisingly awesome, did a great piece on individuals who found out they were intersex as teens. They're now intersex awareness activists and kicking ass at life, getting people to understand that performing unnecessary surgeries on newborn babies to force them into an imaginary binary is doing a lot of harm and pretty much no good.

If you want to learn more about intersex people, Inter/Act Youth is a great website to read about more of the basics and hear more stories. If you want to participate in Intersex Awareness Day, there's a Thunderclap thing going on today that you can still sign up for to automatically broadcast your support on social media. I'm signed up, are YOU???????

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