Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Are Pro-Lifers Being Pro-Life Today?

One of the things that happened during my vacation was #ShoutYourAbortion. Amelia Bonow Facebooked the hashtag on September 18 and it blew up with people talking about their experiences with abortion. The point was to destigmatize the procedure and give those who have had an abortion a voice. General fighting against shame for exercising the right to bodily autonomy.

And now:

Why the founder of #ShoutYourAbortion had to go into hiding.

The reason is death threats. "Pro-life" people sending death threats. It would be funny if it wasn't so enragingly horrible.

One reader retweeted her post from her Salon article that said, “My abortion made me happy: @ameliabonow shares the story that started the #ShoutYourAbortion movement.” He added: “If happiness is the standard, then it might make many people happy if @ameliabonow had her head crushed, too.”

"Pro-lifers": "All life is sacred but if you say something I don't like I KILL YOU."

Bonow is right to hide. Pro-lifers are some of the country's worst domestic terrorists. They've bombed and lit fire to many reproductive health clinics and murdered abortion providers. I don't generally fear for women who are threatened on the Internet (not that they shouldn't exercise all the caution they choose to and not that death threats aren't fucking inexcusable reactions to women speaking up about their rights) but I do fear for Amelia Bonow. Because this is the "pro-life" movement. They'll murder people and they don't care. They believe they're saving babies and they'll kill any full grown autonomous adult to do it.


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