Friday, October 16, 2015


Hillary Clinton is a total imperialist capitalist asshole but I can't help but admire how much of a fucking badass woman she is.

During the Democratic debate, the pointless manufactured email "scandal" pushed by the Republicans in a desperate effort to discredit her and because they know it's an easy way to score points with their horrible misogynistic constituents, came up. One of the candidates who is not either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders was all "blah blah we need to make sure we have ethics in presidential emailing blah blah blah," and Hillary just stands there with a little smile the whole time and when the moderator asks if she wants to respond, she just says, "no."

The crowd went wild. You can watch it here:

Again, I do hope that Bernie wins the nomination, but I cracked the fuck up at that "no." All women could benefit from this example. Shut down ridiculous, pontificating men with that single, simple, magical word, "no." Full sentence. Full stop.


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