Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ask Her More

You've probably encountered the #AskHerMore hashtag documenting all the times that women have to deal with inane, misogynistic questions about their appearance instead of getting the good questions that their male counterparts get. Most of the time, it's about female movie stars getting asked how they lost weight for a role or what they think about their outfits blah blah blah jibber jabber jibber jabber clang clang clang. Meanwhile their male costars get asked how they mentally prepared for a role or what it was like to work with a famous director and whatever else they ask movie stars, I don't really read or watch these interviews ever.

But it's not limited to celebrities. For the first time ever, an all-female team of astronauts who are going to live together on the International Space Station. Instead of asking them important questions like "what is the experiment about and how will it get us closer to ditching this shit planet and meeting some aliens," these space women got asked about how much they'll miss makeup and what they'll do what their hair and how they'll live without men.

It's an eight-day experiment, by the way.

And this is a Russian team, and Russia, in spite of other horrific human rights abuses, has actually been better than the U.S. in terms of women in STEM fields. So this is disappointing, to say the least. Maybe ask them why the entire team is white. Don't tell me there are no women of color in Russia.

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