Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another Trans Women of Color Murdered for Existing


Zella Ziona was apparently too embarrassing to someone who was supposed to be her friend to live. The young woman was shot multiple times by a cis man because she started "acting flamboyantly." 

Investigators believe that LeBlond and Ziona were having an argument as a result of their friendship becoming public. Sadly, the dispute went beyond words with LeBlond shooting Ziona multiple times in the head and groin. 
Police are now considering hate crime charges in her death in addition to the first degree murder charge LeBlond is facing.

He shot her in the groin after she embarrassed him because he's a fucking transmisogynistic piece of shit who didn't deserve her friendship. That's a hate crime. He was so repulsed by her trans-ness that he tried to destroy her genitals.

This is exactly where transmisogyny leads. This is why caricatures of trans women acting all "flamboyant" and aggressive in media is deadly. How many trans women of color is that this year alone? Yet average people and TWERFs alike go on pretending that it's no big deal. Fuck all of you. You're the reason Zella Ziona is dead.

Rest in Power, Zella.

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