Monday, October 19, 2015

#AllLivesMatter So Let's Send Death Threats to a Yoga Instructor


This is probably the worst thing I've read in a while, so buckle the fuck up.

There was (emphasis on "was") a yoga collective called POC Yoga that was meant to be a safe place for people of color. White people, including allies and partners, were respectfully asked not to attend the classes.

For five years, this went on, and everyone was fine with it because it was located in Seattle wherein there are 5,000 yoga centers where white people can go and very likely be surrounded by a crapload of other white people. Then some shitbag radio host found out about it and FUCKED EVERYTHING UP.

During his October 7 show on KIRO-FM, Dori myopically focused on a part of POC Yoga’s class description which put forth “white friends, allies, and partners are respectfully asked not to attend.” Despite on-air claims that he had “zero problems” with POC Yoga, was “perfectly fine” with the practice, and believed POC Yoga “should be free”—he also openly accused POC Yoga of being “racist,” “exclusionary,” and more than once (instead of calling the collective by its self-chosen name) referred to it as “no whites yoga class.”

Dori Monson is some conservative radio talk show host that I've never heard of until now, thanks to the fact that his freakout over a harmless safe space for people of color causes his shit fans to send an avalanche of fucking death threats to the poor woman who runs the class.

Directly following Dori’s heated criticism, Teresa said hate calls and death threats started pouring in every five minutes. There were all together over 200 phone calls, and hundreds and hundreds of emails filled with hostility and hate.

Thanks to all that, Teresa Wang is now traumatized as all hell and POC Yoga is dead. Way to go, fellow white people! People of color just wanted a safe space to do yoga away from our privileged fuckery and the second we found out about it, we proved exactly why it was fucking necessary by sending hundreds of death threats to some poor woman who was just trying to do a nice thing for people.

Teresa said that since her interview for Dori’s show, her work has been affected; she’s suffered loss of wages. Before this incident she had practiced yoga herself twice a week. But she hasn’t gone to a yoga class since. Instead she is alternately consumed with anger and horrifically traumatized. She said, sobbing: “I’m going to some kind of therapy on a daily basis … I just feel like my mental health is so not well right now. I am not well.” She then stopped and could not speak for a while.

Way to fucking go. All this because you couldn't go to a single yoga class that you never would have gone to anyway, because I don't think any of Dori's listeners would enter a yoga studio to escape from Sharknado. How the fuck do you send death threats over something like this and then look at yourself in the mirror in the morning? Are you not capable of feeling any kind of shame?

I couldn't find any place to donate to Teresa Wang, but I am going to spread this around like mad. But really, her bills should be covered until she can recover from this.

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