Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Global Refugee Crisis

Being a citizen of the U.S., if it weren't for the Internet, I'd know almost nothing about the situation in Syria or the global refugee crisis. And even then, there were several details I was not aware of until I read this:

The refugee crisis: 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask.

Perfect, honestly.

What this article doesn't get into is how the situation in Syria is pretty much all the fault of the U.S., which now doesn't want to accept the refugees of our massive fuck up.

And you can actually skip numbers 5-7 because the answer to those questions are racism, racism, and Islamophobia/racism.

But the most important point is that this isn't just about Syria. There's been a massive global increase in refugees in recent years. What I didn't know is that Europe had been paying Gadhafi for years to keep refugees from getting out of Libya and into Europe, regardless of the horrific things his military did to the people who tried. The things we white people will do to not have to deal with the problems of people of color that we caused is a never ending Pandora's Box of shit.

Part of the problem is not just the number of refugees, but the increasing hostility toward migrants of any kind due to the increase in racism in white dominated countries. Combine that with Islamophobia and Syrian refugees are fucked.

Don't let the nice photos and videos of Germans welcoming refugees with smiles and signs fool you into thinking the problem is over. That only happened as a result of months of fighting by activists and partially because people don't give a fuck until they can see a photo of a dead baby. What needs to be addressed is the root of the problem. People will continue to suffer until we do that.

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