Friday, September 11, 2015

Lindsey Weedston: Official Trans Activist

Looks like my restating facts everyone knows about Cathy Brennan being terrible was enough to get me featured on her website "Gender Identity Watch" (linked with Do Not Link so you won't be giving her traffic). Thanks to Gwen for the tip.

Lindsey Weedston is one of many so-called “social justice warriors” who recycles gossip from MRAs and homophobes as “news.” 

Actually, this is a common MRA technique. Take something someone else said about them and turn in right around to accuse their accuser of the same exact thing. It's meant to confuse and distract their opponent, but I'm familiar enough with it that it no longer phases me.

Unless CNN and The New York Times are secretly run by MRAs and homophobes.

TERFs are so much like MRAs, it's ridiculous.

Anyway, she had this to say about the original article that made her all mad:

The point of these types of “articles” is to dissuade Women from discussing ideologies that are harmful to Women and Girls, but it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more Women are not buying what trans activists like Weedston are selling.

I still don't know what exactly a "trans activist" is supposed to be, but apparently you don't have to be trans to be one. As far as I can tell, a trans activist is just anyone who isn't a total transphobe. In that case, I'm honored to be formally tossed into that category.

And since she linked directly to my blog, welcome TERFs! I hate you and your shitty comments will get you banned. HASHTAG CENSORSHIP HASHTAG EVIL TRANS ACTIVIST OVERLORD.

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