Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cathy Brennan: Feminism's Greatest Monster


Great meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense.

I don't think I've even talked about Cathy Brennan on here yet. Probably because I don't like to think about her. But you need to know.

Cathy Brennan is like the Queen of the TERFs. She is a stark reminder of the fact that TERF used to stand for trans-exterminatory radical feminist, but TERFs got offended at the suggestion that they want all trans people to die, so THEY CHANGED IT to trans-exclusionary radical feminist. And that is why the notion that TERF is a slur is hilarious.

Anyway, Cathy Brennan has spent a lot of time supporting horrible Republicans on their anti-letting trans people use the correct bathroom bills in between outing trans women to employers, posting links to their dating profiles, and doxxing trans girls. Yes, GIRLS.

This was not something she even tried to hide but is now suing people for talking about it.

She's spent years actively fighting against rights for trans people (especially trans women) and organizing and speaking at "women only" (aka no trans women) radical feminist events. And then whining that TERFs are persecuted and that TERF and cis are "slurs" used by the evil "trans activists" to... something.

I'm generally not a fan of RationalWiki, but they have a good list of Cathy Brennan's awfulness.

This post by Tina Vasquez also does a wonderful job of outlining Brennan's crimes as well as the history of radical feminists being awful to trans women.

Feminism has always had a problem with inclusiveness and focusing too much on white, middle class cis women. But TERFs are by far the worst thing to come out of feminism. They've completely ruined the phrase "radical feminism," they're very organized and have actually instigated a lot of institutional changes to the detriment of trans people, and they're dedicated to making life monumentally more difficult for the people who have a nearly 50% suicide attempt rate and whose average lifespan is thirty-fucking-two.

That is why TERFs and any "gender critical" feminists are not welcome here, and anyone calling themself a radical feminist is going to get a swift history lesson at the very least.

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