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Gif of the Day

This was part of a funny gifset that becomes hilarious when you break up the gifs and post them alone without context.

Fuck You Too, Hideo Kojima

This is a thing that happened like 2 days before I went on vacation and it pissed me off so bad that I couldn't even find the words to write about it yet on here so you get to read about it now.


I haven't played any Metal Gear games since the original Metal Gear Solid because, despite being generally fun and possibly sparking a life-long love of stealth games, the plot, writing, and voice acting were all over-dramatic, over-complicated and fucking ridiculous and it's apparently only gotten worse since. That may be fine for some people but over-dramatic-ness is a huge pet peeve of mine.

I also did not appreciate the constant shoehorned romantic subplots and the fact that Sniper Wolf's jacket was zipped almost all the way down with no shirt underneath even though it was rather snowy outside. Yes, I've been noticing sexualization for that long.

We're now at Metal Gear Solid V, and, as I've said, everything has gotten worse. Here's the female character "Quiet" in her standard outfit:

If you're also a feminist gamer, then you probably just rolled your eyes so hard that it hurt a little, but are also not even the slightest bit surprised. Sexualization of female video game characters is nothing new. In fact, it's so old it's basically retro.

I never would have said anything about this character because saying the same thing over and over is boring. But the series creator and ongoing writer, director, and producer had to spit directly in my face by trying to counter criticism of one of the more ridiculously ineffective tactical soldier outfits I've ever seen by giving the most terrible excuse for a ridiculously ineffective tactical soldier outfit I've ever seen.

This is the reason for Quiet's outfit:

The reason Quiet wears that bikini outfit is that she breathes through her skin, using photosynthesis to absorb air, water, and nutrients. She has to do this because her body is infested with parasites. 
At the beginning of the game, the villain Skull Face sends his soldier Quiet — in standard military fatigues — to assassinate Snake. She fails. Snake’s hospital roommate, Ishmael, manages to set her on fire, and she falls screaming from the hospital window. As we find out later, Skull Face was able to save her life by infecting her body with magical parasites that both give her special abilities and turn her into a bioweapon. 
Parasites — the new nanomachines! — are a key part of the plot in Metal Gear Solid V, and I won’t go too much into detail here, but to sum it up: Because of these parasites, Quiet can’t speak in English, and she can’t wear normal clothing. During one scene later in the game, soldiers have forced her to put clothes over her bikini, and you see her come close to suffocating.

I feel personally insulted. Not only is this a terrible excuse plagued with more plot holes than, well, your average Metal Gear game, they put so much effort into this bullshit. They wrote up backstory and rendered cut scenes to support the biggest video game-related lie since "GamerGate is about ethics in gaming journalism."

No. She is not dressed like that because she had to be injected with parasites that turned her into a plant person. She is dressed like that so straight male gamers can gawk at her. End of story. Don't lie to my fucking face. By concocting this ridiculous excuse, you're telling me that you think I'm incredibly gullible and that you have absolutely no respect for me. I'd be less offended if Hideo Kojima personally came to my home and pissed on my foot.

I'd assume that this flimsier-than-Quiet's-bikini-top excuse was actually for male gamers who were on the fence about buying Metal Gear Solid V because of the tiny bit of guilt and shame at wanting a game that was committing such clear and gratuitous sexualization. They knew supporting such a game was wrong, but only needed any lie they could get their hands on to justify the purchase, no matter how transparently bad the lie was. Then they could go "oh it's central to the plot!" and hand their money over, guilt-free, pretending it's not the most obvious bullshit in the universe.

But then there's this tweet:

Apparently Hideo Kojima himself thinks so little of feminists and general critics of gross sexualization that he thinks we'd buy that bullshit and "feel ashamed." You know, of our words and deeds.

Instead, he made things 50,000 times worse. Did he really not think we'd ask why, if she needs to breathe through her skin, she wears tights at all? If the tights are breathable, why are they covered in holes? Why even bother wearing a bikini that couldn't hold Quiet's boobs in if she went on a brisk walk? Why not just nipple pasties? Why the one superfluously long glove? Why not shave her head? What is the purpose of having her do a bunch of stretches in one part of the game that show off her ass and cleavage in something that you would see in softcore porn? Why did the one person in the world who was turned into a plant person via the injection of the most convenient parasites ever happen to be an attractive, thin white woman with perfect tits?

The list goes on.

I'd really prefer you just be honest with me, Kojima. Don't pretend you have integrity in this matter. Just admit that you wanted to make as much money as possible and you don't care how much damage you to do women in the quest for buttloads of cash. Or just spit in my face. Either way would make me less angry than your condescending bullshit excuse that insults the mind of every woman and every decent human being in general.

If you can't do that, then:

Movie About Stonewall Centering Fictional White Cis Dude Tanks

Accurate representation of attempt to make this movie.

The call to boycott Stonewall, a film about the iconic Stonewall Riots that were sparked by trans women of color but somehow managed to have a white cis gay main character, was an enormous success. Stonewall was the opposite of an enormous success.

It didn't help that reviewers trashed the fuck out of it.

22 Hilarious Excerpts From Scathing Reviews of “Stonewall”

If you hate the very idea of this movie, as you probably do if you're not a white cis person, then the above list should be rather enjoyable. My personal favorite, keeping in mind that the film's director also did Independence Day, is as follows (in longer form than on the list):

Real-life Stonewall hero Marsha P. Johnson only gets a little screen time, and is played as comic relief, flatly, by Otoja Abit. Many of the characters who don’t look and sound like Danny are rendered as jokes, silly people who need Danny’s relatively rugged masculinity to get them angry and organized. Stonewall is ultimately yet another cartoonish fantasy about white saviors and square-jawed heroes; it should be called Independence Gay.


Anyway, the film had a terrible opening night, getting back only a tiny fraction of what it cost to make it.

I do not understand how the decision to cast a white cis dude as the hero who threw the first brick at Stonwall when in reality it was a trans woman of color got through. Did no one stand up and say "this will not only fail to attract your standard ignorant cishet movie-goer but will undoubtedly piss of anyone who actually knows what happened at Stonewall"? What audience is left? Ignorant white cis gay men?

Someone Kickstarter an accurate Stonewall movie.

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Gif of the Day

That's like me when I'm spacing out and someone tries to get my attention.


I'm back! I only really stayed at the rally until 1:30 but then I went pants shopping and that took forever. I'm really picky about pants.

Anyway, if you're following me on Twitter, you've already seen the photos, but here are my favorites:

If I look angry it's only because it was sunny and those sunglasses suck.

There were, as you can see, plenty of people there at the rally, and a ton of people driving by honked for Planned Parenthood. And I only caught one douchefuck trying to say through his car window that abortion kills babies, but one of the women was like "would you call an acorn a tree???" so.

Most of the women there were middle aged and older. It's cool to see old people out supporting reproductive rights. A lot of the time I slip into assuming that all old people are conservative, but I'm sure some of those women have been fighting for pro-choice causes for many decades.

I was disappointed to see how very, very white the rally was, though. The organizers failed to reach out to women of color, clearly. I actually hesitated to attend the rally myself when I saw the #PinkOut hashtag. #Blackout has been a thing for a while and I hope Planned Parenthood didn't knowingly appropriate that.


Morning Announcements

I'm going to a rally to support Planned Parenthood today. Don't know how long I'll be there but I'll bring back pictures for all you fine folk! Remember to show your support for Planned Parenthood, abortion services and all, even though no amount of rallying could ever budge Republicans from their rock-hard stance of "fuck all poor people forever."

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Gif of the Day

I have so many gifs now.

A Fun List of Things Women Do to Avoid Rape

I got a request to create a list of the crap we ladies do on a regular basis to prevent sexual assault and the inevitable subsequent victim blaming. It sounded depressing but useful so here's what I've got.

To be clear, I am not saying that any of these methods are actually effective, I'm not saying I do all of these (I do some of them but hello I'd like to have a life), and I'm certainly not saying anyone in the universe should have to do any or all of these. We shouldn't have to do this shit. Men should stop raping.

Off the top of my head:

  1. Never go to a place alone at night. Clubs. Bars. Private parties. To the park. For a walk through the neighborhood. Even going across a parking lot isn't a good idea.
  2. Probably don't go to clubs, bars, and parties alone in the daytime either. Don't jog on trails alone, either. Stick to public places.
  3. If you have to walk alone, especially at night, do not wear headphones. Make sure you're totally aware of your surroundings at all times. Walk quickly, with purpose, head up, making it clear that you can't be surprised.
  4. Probably carry pepper spray or a taser (or even a gun) in your purse that you've practiced with enough to be very familiar with it.
  5. Take a self defense class.
  6. When you're at a bar or club, don't go to the bathroom alone.
  7. Don't take an opened drink or a drink in a glass from a man.
  8. Don't put your drink down ever. If you do have it resting on the bar or something, keep your hand over the opening at all times in case a guy tries to slip something into it while you're not looking.
  9. If your drink tastes funny at all, immediately notify a friend.
  10. Don't get too drunk or high around men ever. If you want to get blasted, probably just do it at home alone like a sad person.
  11. When going on a date with a man you don't know or don't know well, make sure you tell a friend that you're going to call her at a certain time and if you don't, she should call you, and if you don't answer, call 911. 
  12. Make sure multiple people know what you're doing and where you're going on said date.
  13. Never go to a place that he suggests on a date that hasn't been agreed to in advance. Don't go to his home.
  14. When you purchase something on Craigslist and a man is coming to your home to deliver it, or if an electrician/plumber/cable guy is coming, make sure you have a male person there to protect you.
  15. Check through your peephole or a window before answering the door if you're home alone.
  16. Wear protective underwear or drug-detecting nail polish.
  17. Don't wear your hair in a ponytail or similar style because it's easy to grab.
  18. Anti-rape apps.
  19. Don't wear loose clothing because it's easy to grab.
  20. Don't wear tight clothing because it makes men notice you.

Here are the things I forgot about but found on other lists that women made:

  1. "Walk with our keys grasped between our fingers in case we need to use them as a weapon. 
  2. Making sure to have the correct key out and ready before we get to our door
  3. When someone is walking closely behind us on the street, we stop to pretend to make a phone call or otherwise occupy ourselves to allow them to pass in front of us.
  4. Walk past our destination, particularly if it's our home, if someone has been trailing us for a while. 
  5. Scope out potential safe havens if someone appears to be following us.
  6. Switch up our running routes to avoid potential stalkers learning our route. 
  7. Change direction if a car appears to be following us while we're walking on foot.
  8. Run outdoors with only one earbud in to keep the other on our surroundings. 
  9. Pretend to listen to music while walking by men who attempt to engage with us. 
  10. Change the locks when house keys are misplaced.
  11. Take alternative routes to avoid areas we know we are likely to face street harassment. 
  12. Cross the street when we see men who look like they might be drunk.
  13. Late at night, cross to the other side of the street when anyone is walking towards us. 
  14. Avoid eye contact with men trying to get our attention. 
  15. Decide the cost of a taxi is worth it. (Adding: Don't take taxis because the driver could assault you.)
  16. Avoid entering stairwells or elevators occupied by only one other person who is a stranger.
  17. Avoid social situations if a man whose prior advance made us uncomfortable might be there. 
  18. Decide not to open Facebook messages from unknown men, who could see the message has been "Read" and become hostile and harassing. 
  19. When bringing heavy bags and packages into the house or apartment, locking and unlocking the door with every trip. 
  20. Avoid sleeping naked in case of an intruder or on-looker. 
  21. Make sure we're not the only woman on the subway car or bus.
  22. Avoid getting off at our bus or train stop if a man who has been staring exits at the same time. 
  23. Check our mirrors frequently while driving, noting characteristics and license plate numbers of cars trailing close behind. 
  24. Driving in a circle if we sense we might be followed.
  25. Park next to a light post when it's dark outside. 
  26. Wear a hoodie when driving late at night to appear male to other drivers.
  27. Check for an official city medallion number when entering a taxi. 
  28. Run outside in baggy clothes, even if it's hot, to decrease the chances of unsolicited commentary on our anatomy. 
  29. Making sure we have enough cell phone battery life before leaving one location to last until we get to another."
  30. "Always have a way to get home if you decide you need to leave [a date]. It is better not to go somewhere if you will not be able to get back without the person’s help."
  31. "If your drink is out of your sight, even for a few seconds, get a new one. Spiking a drink with a date rape drug can happen quickly.
  32. Don’t share drinks.
  33. Don’t drink from punch bowls or open containers.
  34. Avoid clubs or parties that charge men but let women enter and drink for free.
  35. Know your limits—and let your date know them right from the start.
  36. Be clear about what’s okay for you. Don’t expect your date to read your mind.
  37. Trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable, leave."
  38. Scope out your campus when you first start going to a college or university to plan the safest routes to and from the dorm.
  39. Don't post about where you're about to go online or use check-in apps like Foursquare. 
  40. If traveling, "before you leave, share your itinerary with someone you trust. Include the address and phone number of your accommodations and transportation information, like flight numbers."
  41. Research ground transportation in the area you're travelling to so you can avoid waiting alone for a bus or something.
  42. "Use tools like Google Maps to scout out the area around your destination. Is there a hospital or police station located near where you’re staying? Check to see if there are local bus stops in the area or a shopping center where you can easily find a cab. If you plan on going out in the evenings, plan your return trip in advance."
  43. "Check out the State Department’s resources for international travelers. Identify the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate and store their contact information."
  44. "If you are going out in a group, plan to arrive together and leave together. If you decide to leave early, let your friends know. If you’re at a party, check in with them during the night to see how they’re doing."
  45. "Ask yourself, 'Would I do this if I was sober?'"
  46. "Be aware of sudden changes in the way your body feels."
  47. "Do some research [before a date]. A quick online search can help you confirm details this person has shared in previous exchanges and may give you a better visual to help you recognize them in person. You can also run a search on the National Sex OffenderPublic Website (NSOPW), a national resource that pulls data from state, territory, and tribal sex offender registries."
  48. "Meet the person at the destination instead of accepting a ride."
  49. "Have cash on hand and a number for a taxi company or ride sharing app."
  50. "You may find it helpful to tell the person you are meeting that you have plans directly following your date."
  51. "Hold off on revealing personal information. Don’t offer up too much personal information or history on the first encounter. Be wary of someone who asks for details that seem too personal, such as questions about your finances or your home address."
  52. "Before you book travel, you can ask the person to video chat to get a better sense of how they communicate in a face-to-face situation. If you don’t know someone in the area you’re visiting, consider bringing a friend along. Plan to stay in your own lodging, like a hotel or a friend’s house, and keep this address to yourself."
  53. "Lock your door and windows when you’re asleep and when you leave the room. If people constantly prop open the main door to the dorm or apartment, tell security or a trusted authority figure."
  54. Don't move into certain neighborhoods or any place that seems "sketchy."
  55. Don't couch-surf or ever stay at a stranger's home. 
  56. Don't wear high heels because they're hard to run in.
  57. Don't talk to men, make eye contact or smile at them if you don't intend to have sex with them. 

I think that's enough for now but I don't think I could even call this a comprehensive list. There's so many things we do, many without even thinking about them, and so many things we've been told to do. So many tips and products we need.

And men complain about having to make sure they have consent before having sex to make sure they're not raping someone because it's sooooo haaaaaard.

Flawless Feminist Victory

One thing that happened while I was on vacation is that Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn testified to the fucking UN about the vicious online harassment of women.


[Trigger warning for the usual ableism] We Hunted the Mammoth has compiled a fun list of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, calls for revolution, delusions of grandeur, and general crying by these extremely mad gamers. They seriously fancy themselves a benevolent force of freedom fighters standing alone against the monstrous tide of oppression brought down upon them by feminists requesting better representation of women and other oppressed groups in media.

Their lambasting against the UN gives further credibility to my belied that GamerGate is the Tea Party of geek culture. The Tea Party started because a bunch of racists got really mad that a black guy was elected President. GamerGate started because a bunch of misogynists got mad that Zoe Quinn cheated on her boyfriend. They're both super fond of conspiracy theories involving things like birth certificates, Sharia law, and cabals of video game websites conspiring to trick them into buying poor quality video games.

They both fancy themselves stalwart defenders of what is in actuality a status quo that gives them unfair advantages over others. They're terrified of the unflinching and inevitable tide of progress. Their actions forced the general population to recognize how bad the situation really is because yes, people like this really exist, and so inspired them to take action against these bigots. Now we have Bernie Sanders as a viable political candidate and Anita and Zoe have spoken to the UN. Meanwhile, both the Tea Party and GamerGate have faded from memory as their screeching becomes white noise to increasingly disinterested ears.

Unfortunately, the Tea Party continues to cause problems as their candidates in the House and Senate try to force government shutdowns that can cause irreparable harm to the poor, and GamerGate.... um... well they got some video game publications to change policies on something or other but they're pretty much just restricted to harassing people online now. Maybe comparing them to the Tea Party is giving GamerGate too much credit.

Morning Announements

I'm baaaaAAAAaaaaAAaaack.

And I slept in far too late on my first day.

A lot has happened over the past two weeks and there's plenty to write about. I missed you, blog. It was good for me to take a break from it, but I'm glad to be back at it. Let's get to matriarching.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Morning Announcements

I'm officially going on a two-week vacation from all work, even blogging. If I can stay away for that long. But I think it will be good for me. I'm not actually going anywhere, because I'm not some millionaire who can afford to not work AND go to a place. I'll be hanging out with friends I don't see nearly enough and playing video games.

I'll be back two Mondays from now with more unapologetic feminism and random gifs. I love you all. Have a nice end of the summer and don't take any shit while I'm gone.

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Gif of the Day

Come. Join the trans activists. We will brainwash you to view trans women as women and not be shitty to them or make their lives harder.

Lindsey Weedston: Official Trans Activist

Looks like my restating facts everyone knows about Cathy Brennan being terrible was enough to get me featured on her website "Gender Identity Watch" (linked with Do Not Link so you won't be giving her traffic). Thanks to Gwen for the tip.

Lindsey Weedston is one of many so-called “social justice warriors” who recycles gossip from MRAs and homophobes as “news.” 

Actually, this is a common MRA technique. Take something someone else said about them and turn in right around to accuse their accuser of the same exact thing. It's meant to confuse and distract their opponent, but I'm familiar enough with it that it no longer phases me.

Unless CNN and The New York Times are secretly run by MRAs and homophobes.

TERFs are so much like MRAs, it's ridiculous.

Anyway, she had this to say about the original article that made her all mad:

The point of these types of “articles” is to dissuade Women from discussing ideologies that are harmful to Women and Girls, but it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more Women are not buying what trans activists like Weedston are selling.

I still don't know what exactly a "trans activist" is supposed to be, but apparently you don't have to be trans to be one. As far as I can tell, a trans activist is just anyone who isn't a total transphobe. In that case, I'm honored to be formally tossed into that category.

And since she linked directly to my blog, welcome TERFs! I hate you and your shitty comments will get you banned. HASHTAG CENSORSHIP HASHTAG EVIL TRANS ACTIVIST OVERLORD.

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Gif of the Day

Looks like me trying to jump.

*Tiny hop* fuck this.

Misogynistic Murders Are Not Newsworthy


I run into people, some of which are not even anti-feminists, who are in so much denial about the amount of male violence against women in the U.S. alone that they demand evidence from me that it happens a lot. I'm not kidding. At all. It's like someone in Death Valley demanding evidence from me that it rains a lot in Seattle.

There are the people who demand evidence that words like "bitch" and "harpy" are misogynistic and won't settle for anything less than 500,000 individual news stories of women being brutally murdered by men who are recorded screaming "bitch" at them over and over.

I'm working hard on not engaging people like this anymore, because they only exist to waste the time of feminists.

Anyway, the thing I've tried to explain to people like this is that this kind of male violence against women is so common that it is literally not newsworthy to any news outlet beyond small local papers. In the U.S., mass shootings of any kind are quickly becoming non-newsworthy, but you still hear about a lot of them. When it comes to horrific male violence against women, that has long been mundane enough for almost everyone to ignore.

Check out this list of murder-suicides committed by men against their female partner or ex-partner that you did not hear about and never would have without me probably:

  • Friday, July 17, Monrovia, California.  A 35-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his 37-year-old wife before killing himself.
  • Friday, July 17, Norman, Oklahoma. A man is believed to have shot and killed his ex-wife and then killed himself in a hospital parking lot. The woman was at the hospital visiting her mother.
  • Saturday, July 18, North Ridgeville, Ohio. A 65-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his 62-year-old wife before killing himself. The woman may have been protecting the couple’s disabled 26-year-old daughter when she was shot.
  • Saturday, July 18, Tampa. A 32-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his 23-year-old girlfriend at a hotel before killing himself. It was the woman’s birthday.
  • Sunday, July 19, Grady County, Georgia. A 55-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his estranged 39-year-old wife at her home, then to have driven to his home and killed himself.
  • Tuesday, July 21, Bear, Delaware. A 35-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed a 34-year-old woman before killing himself.
  • Tuesday, July 21, Amherst, New York. A 53-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his 55-year-old wife before killing himself.
  • Tuesday, July 21, Walnut Creek, California. A 21-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed a 19-year-old woman at her parents’ house before killing himself.
  • Wednesday, July 22, Jacksonville, North Carolina. A 69-year-old man is believed to have shot and killed his 68-year-old wife before killing himself.
  • Wednesday, July 22, Suwanee, Georgia. A man is believed to have shot and killed his wife and her two sons before killing himself. He also shot and injured his wife’s father.
  • Thursday, July 23, Vallejo, California. A man is believed to have shot and killed his ex-wife and injured another man before killing himself.

This was in the span of a single week. That ended up in the news at all. That the author could find.

Men are murdering multiple women every day, and it's about as newsworthy as a dog riding a skateboard. Goodbye.

The Global Refugee Crisis

Being a citizen of the U.S., if it weren't for the Internet, I'd know almost nothing about the situation in Syria or the global refugee crisis. And even then, there were several details I was not aware of until I read this:

The refugee crisis: 9 questions you were too embarrassed to ask.

Perfect, honestly.

What this article doesn't get into is how the situation in Syria is pretty much all the fault of the U.S., which now doesn't want to accept the refugees of our massive fuck up.

And you can actually skip numbers 5-7 because the answer to those questions are racism, racism, and Islamophobia/racism.

But the most important point is that this isn't just about Syria. There's been a massive global increase in refugees in recent years. What I didn't know is that Europe had been paying Gadhafi for years to keep refugees from getting out of Libya and into Europe, regardless of the horrific things his military did to the people who tried. The things we white people will do to not have to deal with the problems of people of color that we caused is a never ending Pandora's Box of shit.

Part of the problem is not just the number of refugees, but the increasing hostility toward migrants of any kind due to the increase in racism in white dominated countries. Combine that with Islamophobia and Syrian refugees are fucked.

Don't let the nice photos and videos of Germans welcoming refugees with smiles and signs fool you into thinking the problem is over. That only happened as a result of months of fighting by activists and partially because people don't give a fuck until they can see a photo of a dead baby. What needs to be addressed is the root of the problem. People will continue to suffer until we do that.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

Gif of the Day


Cathy Brennan's Mad At Me


Accurate depiction of Cathy Brennan:

Lol anyway.

I actually discovered this last night after logging in to my personal Twitter account for the first time in more than a week. Apparently, Cathy had looked up my name on Twitter and tweeted her displeasure about my recent blog post on her to that account.

The tweet she replied to being about all the people on Twitter having giant sads about the idea of Samus being a trans woman.

It was great discovering this on my almost birthday. I didn't expect Cathy Brennan to give a fuck about my measly little blog reminding everyone about a fact that most people know already (that she's terrible) but it seems like terrible people tend to be narcissistic enough to have to respond to every slight they can find.

It's also funny that she tried to suggest I don't give a fuck about any evidence since all she does when asked to defend her views is tell people to fuck off. I'm not saying she shouldn't tell people to fuck off (because I do all the time) but don't be a hypocrite.

She also blocked me.

Click to Enlarge

Which I consider to be a badge of honor. Really, Cathy gave me the best gift of all.

And then the icing on the cake came from a comment to the blog post:

Click to Enlarge

I hid Michelle's awesome comment for the screenshot, but you should go read it because it's what I would have said if I had any hope that TWERFs could be reasoned with anymore.

Apparently trans women trying to be recognized as the women they are and trying to live their lives without being fired/assaulted/killed for being trans is "rape culture." I also love how the last sentence in that comment is indistinguishable from a statement made from an MRA.

Hopefully after I post this, Cathy will also block the actual blog's Twitter account, and my birthday will be complete.

It's My Birthday!

Accurate depiction of me:

Nah just kidding. I googled "sad birthday" and this is what I found.

I have something fun to show everyone today and then I have to go to work on what is also labor day (USA. USA. USA) but tomorrow I'm going to have a fun day out so entertain yourselves, kiddos.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Gif of the Day

About to fuck somebody up.

Historical Accuracy: Dick Armor

Hey so if you have to have rape in your fantasy thing for "historical accuracy," I'm going to have to insist you also have dick armor. For historical accuracy.

Dick armor, more commonly and boringly known as the "codpiece," was an extremely common bit of fashion in 15th and 16th century Europe. And they went far beyond the little bit of crotch bump you typically see. Check this shit out.

That last one has a fucking face.

Seriously, if you want me to buy this:

I'm gonna need to see some of THIS:

School Starts, Parents and Students Already Being Shitty

Horrible kids and their awful parents are protesting decisions to let trans students use the right bathrooms and locker rooms. In Missouri, students walked out of their school to protest letting one poor trans girl use the girls' facilities. Lila Perry is tired of using the gender-neutral staff bathroom, which singles her out as something less than a girl, or not a "real" girl. Local transphobes think she wants to violate the privacy of cis girls.

This, of course, makes zero sense because if they're worried about girls being peeped on in the locker room, why don't they protest letting lesbian, bi, and pan girls in the girls' locker room? Many trans girls are straight, meaning they have no interest in looking at other girls in a sexual way.

I'm sure there are plenty of people in Missouri and other places who would love to ban girls who like girls from the locker room, but they know they can't get away with that shit anymore. Due to rampant ignorance about trans people, they can get away with protesting against their right to a normal life.

However, thanks to recent changes to Title IX, these protesters don't have a leg to stand on. It is now unconstitutional to discriminate against trans people in public schools, as it's considered gender discrimination. Kids can walk out of class all they want, but the schools must comply. If Lila wants to use the girls' bathroom, she gets to.

Now all students can do is bully and intimidate students like Lila in and out of the locker room until they're afraid for their very safety or kill themselves. And they will, and the school staff will do little or nothing to stop it. Even though there are literally no reported cases of trans kids doing anything to harass cis kids in bathrooms or locker rooms.

Way to go, transphobes.


"Age is just a number."

-Middle aged white guy proverb

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gif of the Day

Need kitties. Kitties making chores impossible. Yes.

That Time I Found Rape Culture On a Shampoo Bottle

So I was in the shower the other day, having shower thoughts, and I decided to check my boyfriend's Old Spice body wash bottle to see if it had similar ingredients to my own fruity-smelling "woman's" body wash.

As it turns out, they start much the same but my body wash does have a number of fruit extracts and crap in it. Anyway, after that, I glanced up at the rest of the reading material on the bottle and found some rather hilarious content. Apparently, in order to get men to use body wash, you have to convince them that doing so is TOTALLY MANLY.

First of all, this is called "Swagger" body wash. Okay.

Swagger (TM) body wash from Old Spice is for the man who holds the complete works of Aristotle in one hand, and a delicious sandwich in the other. Swagger's subtle scent transforms your skin to feel like smooth and hydrated playing field where confidence scores the winning touchdown.

Who writes this crap? They just took three things that are considered manly to surround the actual useful information ("smooth and hydrated"), I guess in a desperate attempt to cradle the male ego, which is so fragile that the word "hydrated" could shatter it. So they have to go "PHILOSOPHY. SANDWICH. FOOTBALL." Hilarious.

And the instructions:


After that laugh, I picked up my boyfriend's Old Spice 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash to laugh at what was on the back of that.

It started out just as funny. This one was separated into three sections, each with completely unnecessary hyper-masculine themes crammed in.

DUAL ACTION FORMULA: Cleans hair, cleans body, then wails on its pecs.

Hahaha! Oh, Old Spice, that is ridiculous. The gel stuff inside the bottle can't wail on anything. It's liquid and has no agency of its own.

CLEANSING LATHER: Does its job, then drives away in a sports car.

How absurd! 2 in 1 body wash/shampoo can't drive any type of car.

CLEAN CRISP SCENT: Forces your body to smell great, even when it doesn't want to.


So among the list of manly things to be crammed onto the back of this bottle, we have sports cars, wailing on pecs, and FORCING A BODY TO DO SOMETHING IT DOESN'T WANT TO DO.

Pecs, cars, rape. These are the things Old Spice considers to be manly.

That is not what I was expecting from a 2 in 1 body wash/shampoo bottle. Just goes to show you that rape culture is everywhere, and this is why men rape so much. Thanks, Old Spice. 

More Sloths

Sloths are quickly becoming one of my favorite animals.

I can't believe I went so many years not knowing that they make that noise.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Power's back on. Have two gifs.

Lol what.

Hahaha stuck hedgehog.

Quality content.

Cathy Brennan: Feminism's Greatest Monster


Great meaning large or immense, we use it in the pejorative sense.

I don't think I've even talked about Cathy Brennan on here yet. Probably because I don't like to think about her. But you need to know.

Cathy Brennan is like the Queen of the TERFs. She is a stark reminder of the fact that TERF used to stand for trans-exterminatory radical feminist, but TERFs got offended at the suggestion that they want all trans people to die, so THEY CHANGED IT to trans-exclusionary radical feminist. And that is why the notion that TERF is a slur is hilarious.

Anyway, Cathy Brennan has spent a lot of time supporting horrible Republicans on their anti-letting trans people use the correct bathroom bills in between outing trans women to employers, posting links to their dating profiles, and doxxing trans girls. Yes, GIRLS.

This was not something she even tried to hide but is now suing people for talking about it.

She's spent years actively fighting against rights for trans people (especially trans women) and organizing and speaking at "women only" (aka no trans women) radical feminist events. And then whining that TERFs are persecuted and that TERF and cis are "slurs" used by the evil "trans activists" to... something.

I'm generally not a fan of RationalWiki, but they have a good list of Cathy Brennan's awfulness.

This post by Tina Vasquez also does a wonderful job of outlining Brennan's crimes as well as the history of radical feminists being awful to trans women.

Feminism has always had a problem with inclusiveness and focusing too much on white, middle class cis women. But TERFs are by far the worst thing to come out of feminism. They've completely ruined the phrase "radical feminism," they're very organized and have actually instigated a lot of institutional changes to the detriment of trans people, and they're dedicated to making life monumentally more difficult for the people who have a nearly 50% suicide attempt rate and whose average lifespan is thirty-fucking-two.

That is why TERFs and any "gender critical" feminists are not welcome here, and anyone calling themself a radical feminist is going to get a swift history lesson at the very least.