Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Aren't More Women Applying for Sexist Jobs?

It may absolutely blow some minds to know that I have considered applying for construction work jobs. I thought “hey, spending time outside, getting exercise, maybe getting to smash stuff, and getting paid pretty well to do it! Not bad at all.”

But I didn’t because I knew it was pointless. They were going to take one look at my feminine name and throw my resume in the trash. Let’s be honest here. And if somehow that didn’t happen, they would take one look at my average-sized female body that doesn’t show muscle much at all and never has and think “she can’t lift anything” and not hire me.

Best case scenario? They put me on stop sign holding duty, which is the only thing I’ve ever seen a female construction worker do. Like, do they ever allow women in that job to do anything else? And that sounds like the most mind-numbingly boring job ever. Plus I get to look forward to a bunch of sexist, homophobic dudes throwing around the f-slur and probably sexually harassing me or at least treating me like I can’t handle the job all the time? I know a guy who works in construction. I know how they talk.

So applying for the job would probably be a total waste of time but if I did get hired I could look forward to incredible boredom, sexism and harassment? Tell me, misogynistic dudes who whine about women “not wanting” jobs like that - would you apply for that job?

There are plenty of women who want to be able to do menial labor for good pay. What we don’t want is almost certain rejection, being delegated to the shittiest jobs because we’re women, and sexual harassment. And we know that’s what we’ll get. Simple as that.

So next time you think about complaining that it's only men who do the physically tough or dangerous jobs...

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