Monday, August 3, 2015

What is This Bullshit

I seriously got the most bullshit comment the other day from some whiny gamer who is now banned for failing to heed my warning about using ableist slurs on my blog. But I have to respond because this is such bullshit.

You can see the original comment from "Senzu" and my reply on the Mad Max: Fury Road social justice review.

Here's what popped up in my email weeks later, flagged for moderation due to certain language.

You don't seem to know much, but you talk a lot though. Do you know how many great gamers don't like things about video games? Well let me fill you in since you're clueless, it's all of them. No game is perfect, some come close to being that, but there're always flaws. Here's the thing though, we don't [censored] and complain and want the entire gaming industry to change because of it, like that fake game Anita Sarkeesian and people like yourself. Like most great gamers we adapt, sure we may make a post of two on the game developers forums about it, but other than's all up to them. These developers invest millions and as an industry billions on research and development, they're much smarter than fake game Anita Sarkeesian and people like you. They get feedback from millio ns of true gamers so they know what's best, but it's a shame you can't understand these simple common sense facts.

Firstly, I like how this is your second comment in a row telling me that I "don't know much." Who are you trying to convince? Unfortunately for you, the assumption that I don't know much about the gaming community is about to bite you in the ass.

Gamers don't complain? Gamers don't demand that the industry changes? L.M.A.O.

No demands here, nope.

Let me explain something to you. I've been a part of various gaming communities for far longer than I've been a part of feminist communities. And if there's one thing I know, it's that gamers fucking complain. Gamers never stop complaining. Gamers complain so much that white men have become famous simply for making videos of themselves complaining in the most whiny and petulant fashion about video games. We gamers are a demanding and entitled bunch. Anita Sarkeesian is extremely calm, level, and rational in her videos compared to the likes of Yahtzee, Jim Sterling, and others.

A post or two on the forums? Don't make me laugh. I've seen widely spread petitions demanding immediate changes to individual games and the industry as a whole. I've seen gamers flip the fuck out because a game was released in Japan but not in the U.S. I've seen gamers make whiny-ass announcements about how they got their money back on a game because it didn't have as much naked boobage as the previous installment. I've seen calls for boycotts over the most asinine shit.

A very important issue.
What Anita Sarkeesian and other feminist game critics do is ask for something that actually matters. Representation matters. The media we consume affects how we view the world. If you don't know that yet, then you're the one who is lacking knowledge.

Oh, and by the way. The developers who are investing that much money don't care about you or me or art. They care about money. They don't listen to what people actually want unless they think it's going to make them more money. That's why feminists and other social justice advocates have to be loud about what we want and expect - because those developers will only listen if they think it's going to affect their bottom line.

You completely missed my points about criticism, I'm not saying it's not ok to criticize, because everyone does that, just like I did to you blog there, then you replied and then I followed up here....also for someone that supports criticism, why are you so upset in your response, all I did was criticize your blog piece. See how that goes, that's what I mean. Here's my point, it's ok to criticize, but to expect an artist, or a musician or a game developer to change their work because you don't like it....well that's asking to much isn't it. That's exactly why people like Anita Sarkeesian are [censored]. Do you think van Gogh and other artists never had critics? Th ey all did, but they never changed their work based on it, and that's my point. For a [censored] feminist minded person like Anita Sarkeesian to expect developers to change their work because of her skewed views is just ridiculous and selfish. Like bad shit never happen to men in video games, do you see us complaining and try to make a political issues about it to change the gaming industry? Fake gamers are fake gamers.

No, I didn't miss the point. You're changing the point. In your original criticism you said to "leave the artist alone" and "you don't see me complaining." Now you're changing it to "just leave one or two quiet little posts on developer forums they don't read" and "I do complain but I don't expect anyone to change anything."

What is the point of criticism if you don't expect the developer to change? First of all, video games are not oil paintings. Of course Van Gogh wouldn't change his style. His art is meant to be looked at for the purpose of evoking emotions and certain thoughts maybe. Video games can be artistic but they are also products to be sold on a massive scale with the typical goal being "make as much money as possible." Some aspects of video games are purely about opinion. Graphic style and genre are going to appeal to some and not to others - it's purely a taste thing. But if you're using shitty tactics to try and squeeze as much money out of a game as possible, you're going to get called out on it, and rightly so.

Using sexist tropes and skimpy outfits in your games are not artistic choices unless you're actually trying to make some kind of statement about them. The vast majority of the time, they're used as a cheap, lazy tactic to try and draw in what developers still for some reason view as the only target audience - men and boys. They don't want to have to spend a lot of resources on a decent story, and they don't think much of their male audience if they think they can make more money by plastering some boobs and ass on their product. In the meantime, it's harmful to women.

And yes, I'm upset by your "criticism," if you can call it that. Because your criticism supports a system that actively harms women, and I am a woman. So I'm criticizing your criticism. That's how it works, buddy.

"Like bad shit never happen to men in video games." I'm not sure at this point whether you understand what's being criticized. Like, at all.

Feminists hate that book? Are you kidding me, I guarantee that there're more feminists that like that book than men. That book was only successful because it was appealing to women. Every guy I know only went to see that movie because of their gfs or wives. The word feminists has a broad meaning, so you're probably talking about the anti men feminists, maybe you' re one of them, but either way those type of feminists are [censored]. They don't want equality, they want more, if it was a man that wrote that book, these type of feminists would've probably fight to have it banned, there would be no movie for sure. You find some other feminists to hang out with, ones with the correct views. Feminists like you are embarrassing.

This is just laughable. You're trying to tell me I don't know much but you apparently think all women are feminists and are clearly absolutely ignorant of what goes on in feminist spaces. More women like 50 Shades of Grey than men, of course, because in our society a man liking a romance novel would make him like a woman, and that's of course completely unacceptable, right? But there were widespread campaigns led by feminists and those of the actual BDSM community to boycott the movie and to educate people on what is safe, consensual BDSM and what is straight up abuse.

I didn't even know the author was a woman at first, because female authors have to change or abbreviate their names to hide their gender or else people won't buy their books. But regardless of gender, I hate that book and everything it stands for. But abuse is so commonly mistaken for romance in our society that people bought the book and flocked to the movie in spite of our efforts to warn them that the book glorifies abuse. It's hardly even about gender. It's about confusing abuse for actual BDSM.

But you're too invested in the idea that any feminist who doesn't keep quiet about anything you like and who says anything beyond "equality, yay!" is a man-hater who wants women to rule the world and, you know, treat men like men have treated women for centuries.

Speaking of banning things, you're banned for being utterly uneducated and for failing to follow my rules. Bye forever.

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