Thursday, August 20, 2015

U.S. Army Has No Time for Your Misogyny

I'm not exactly a fan of any army, especially not one that does nothing but go around killing civilians to enforce its self-appointed position of imperialist overlord on the world, but I do have to appreciate the effort they made to shut down every misogynist fuckoff on their Facebook page after two women made it into the "Rangers" program.

I once watched a thing on Netflix wherein they filmed the poor saps trying to pass the test to get into the Rangers. The shit they have to go through is so intense, that club must be full of nothing but Brock Samsons.

Training includes running at least five miles several times a week, swimming for miles in a combat uniform, finishing a 15-mile march carrying a 65-pound pack, and doing an astonishing number of push-ups in two minutes. Women had been historically excluded from Ranger school because it was thought they lacked the strength and stamina to complete the program.

But now two women are graduating the program at the same time - the first women to accomplish such a feat. Naturally, misogynistic men assumed that the standards must have been lowered for them or that they had been given some kind of special treatment. They looked for every reason possible to deny the reality that there are women capable of overcoming the same physical challenges as men. The Fort Benning Army Facebook account shut that shit down every time it popped up like they were playing "whack-a-sexist."


What's not excellent is that fact that, despite graduating, these women won't be allowed to serve with the Rangers because army infantry and special operation posts are still "no girls allowed" clubs. I thought we'd fixed that already but apparently not.

I'd much prefer the entire army to be abolished, but that's not gonna happen, so for fuck's sake, let women in. Allow women to brave the high risk of sexual assault so they can also go out enforcing the U.S. imperialist agenda of world domination and killing people of color for oil.

I have the mixed feelings.

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