Tuesday, August 4, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


This shit is beyond horrible. First Sam DuBose is murdered via getting his face blown off in a brutal murder by a calm police man in a video I honestly could not watch and I couldn't even blog about it, fuck. Now, after several other killings of black people by cops because it happens every fucking day almost, we have the murder of Johnathan Sanders.

He was strangled by a police officer who used a choke hold on him for 20 fucking minutes for absolutely no reason. According to witnesses, who are the people I'm going to believe (not the cops), one officer was hassling another black man and Sanders came along to tell the cop to leave the guy alone. He then left, and one witness heard the cop say "I'll get that n*****." The cop then chased Sanders down and spooked his horse (Sanders rode a horse buggy for a living). Sanders then tried to run after his horse because that's what you would fucking do, plus he hadn't done anything illegal and didn't understand that a cop was after him, and then the cop tackled him and strangled him for 20 minutes.

His last words? You guessed it. "I can't breathe."

These moments of brutally intimate, calm, calculated murder. Choking a guy for 20 minutes until he's dead, ignoring his pleas for life. Sanders had done nothing. NOTHING.

I can't even deal anymore, and I'm white. I can't begin to imagine what black people are feeling, reading about this kind of shit day in and day out.

And if I hear one more thing about that fucking lion, I'm going to lose it. Where are the white comedians getting choked up about Sam and Johnathan?

Fuck all of this.

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