Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trans Women Are Still Being Killed


Just so you know and never forget, trans women of color are still being brutally murdered at a shocking rate considering their total population.

Transgender woman killed after being run over multiple times.

I think you mean "transgender woman killed BY being run over multiple times."

And cops are like "maybe this is a hate crime, we dunno."

A dude hit her with his car and then backed over her at least twice. She was a Latina trans woman. Of course this is a hate crime.

You know, people are always complaining about "political correctness" as though that's what makes people too sensitive and too cautious and overprotective. But every time shit like this happens the police and the media are all "well we can't say it's a hate crime yet, we don't KNOW for SURE, I mean we need to ask the murderer why he murdered her first, allegedly, always allegedly, even though we all know this was a murder and there's only one reason shitty straight men run over trans women of color multiple times with their cars, we have to be CAREFUL."

Being politically correct protects victims and the oppressed. The cops and the mainstream media seem to all be out to protect actual murderers, lest we offend anyone by calling them murderers or their crimes hate-based before it's absolutely official and they've been convicted.

Can we put an end to this journalistic correctness? It was a hate crime. All of the so far 19 murders of trans women in the US this year were hate crimes. Because people in this country hate trans women with a violent passion. The end.

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