Thursday, August 27, 2015

This is Privilege

Facebook just suggested to me a Vice article that is one of the best representations of privilege I've ever seen.

Literally privilege.jpg

"She doesn't understand why you don't do the same thing."

Well as an organic being I NEED TO EAT, ETERNAL VACATION LADY.

According to the article, she's able to do this because she is a very "low-budget traveler" (neurotypical + able-bodied/healthy privilege) and she saved up thousands of dollars while she was working her software company project manager job (class + a bunch of other privileges) and she gets odd jobs being a diving instructor and shit in the middle of this eternal vacation (race + able-bodied + cishet privilege) and she can crash with friends she makes (neurotypical privilege). 

Reasons why other people don't do this:

  1. If they can save any money at all, it goes toward emergencies.
  2. Kids.
  3. Debt.
  4. Many countries hostile toward certain races, religions, and/or LGBTQAIP+ people.
  5. Traveling is difficult or impossible due to illness, chronic pain, or disability.
  6. Needing constant access to medication for mental/physical issues.
  7. People of color and LGBTQAIP+ people more likely to be assaulted.
  8. Anxiety disorders making it impossible to make random friends whenever needed.
  9. Not lucky enough to be born in the Netherlands.
  10. WTF.

This is why I don't follow Vice.

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