Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is the Best


You may have heard of Roosh V, infamous pickup "artist" who advocates for legalizing rape and goes on world tours to teach men how to manipulate and rape women and get away with it. He's been kicked out of/banned from multiple countries, and when a venue in Canada realized what the fuck he was going to be talking about, they shut it the hell down. So he decided to go bar hopping. Little did he know that the entire city hates his putrid guts.

What follows is wonderful.

Here's where it gets good. Roosh decided to go out to a bar after his event, and that's when he had a beer pitched in his face. Then another and then yet another. The wonderful people at the bar then chased him out, yelling at him to "get the f*ck out of Montreal" but that's not where things ended. The patrons followed Roosh all the way back to where he was staying just to make sure he knew he wasn't wanted here.

Thank god someone got video footage of the glory.

That article even posted the location of the shit bag's hotel, though I'm sure he's long gone by now.

Everybody hates you, Roosh. Do us all a favor and never show your fucking face in public again.

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