Monday, August 3, 2015

Recommended Reading

CRIMSOC, the Journal of Social Criminology, has published a paper in which they talk about how the whole "Women Against Feminism" thing is fueling anti-feminist and anti-women rhetoric. It's full of amazing information and analysis (and some seriously disturbing shit) including how the rhetoric of anti-feminists mirrors that of openly women-hating mass murderers and serial killers. Insert passive aggressive smiley face here.


CRIMSOC: The Journal of Social Criminology CRIMSOC REPORT 4: Gender, Victimology & Restorative Justice edited by Walter DeKeseredy and Liam Leonard

I haven't even read the whole thing yet, but as a social sciences geek, I will. The point is that there may be more triggering material that I'm not yet aware of so proceed with caution.

A lot of feminists urge others to go easy on the Women Against Feminism people, at least about misogyny, because we should pity them for being so sucked into internalized misogyny so hard. I suspect that many of the submissions to the Tumblr account and many of the Twitter accounts using the hashtag were created by men, but for the women in the photos, yeah, sure. But they're almost exclusively white, so, if you see them being racist (and you will), don't hold back.

The only women who should be against feminism are trans women and women of color, because we fail them so often.

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