Friday, August 28, 2015

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I was going to be done blogging for the day but this can't wait until next week.

They're making a movie about the Isla Vista shooting. Because I have to specify in this fucking country, I'm talking about the one with the college dude who tried to shoot up a sorority because women wouldn't just come up and fuck him for existing. Then when he couldn't get in he just shot some random women and men of color.

I came across this shit weeks ago and just completely noped out. Couldn't handle it. Now it's come back around again and I'm officially in the "anger" phase.

The official trailer is horrific. I'm about to describe it, so buckle up. It starts with a scene of a high school boy asking a girl to a dance and her very nicely saying "I'm going with someone else" in between fade-to-blacks with the words "There's a girl that every guy wants and can't have." Then it shows him getting beat up by the girl's boyfriend and a crowd of his cronies, then getting attacked by a man who is likely some male parental unit or guardian with a baseball bat. Then, all bruised up, he goes out and buys a creepy Halloween mask, gets a big knife, and proceeds to try and murder what looks like mostly teenage girls in their underwear.

The tagline of this garbage train is "Monsters Aren't Born. They Are Created."

Here's the director's defense of the movie.

First and foremost, I would like to publicly apologize to everyone who has been offended in any way by our making of this film.  It was never our intent to monopolize on the tragic shootings in Isla Vista that took place last year.  While I do admit there is the connection of Santa Barbara, this film is not about Elliot Rodger.  The fictional character in the film is not meant to portray anyone in particular. It is meant to portray incidents that take place, not only in Santa Barbara, but across the country on a daily basis. 
Our intentions were not to make light of such a serious issue, but to engage our audience in an active discussion about bullying and violence. 
As a graduate of UCSB and a former resident of Del Playa, that day was a knife to my heart.  For me, the actions of one individual tainted a lot of good memories of an innocent time and brought darkness to a place that should only be home to the hopes and dreams of the young. 
For all touched by the tragedy at DP, know this: I stand right there with you.  And share love and compassion for our fallen Gauchos.   
-Shaun Hart

"To everyone who has been offended" *ten-minute long fart noise*

We all know that saying an individual has been "offended" is just a straight up attack on their character now. "Offended" has become an insult in our society. So fuck you. I'm not "offended." I'm deeply sickened and I fucking hate you, Shaun.

You say it's not about Elliot Rodger, yet the trailer shows the kid being rejected, and the words you put up on screen clearly suggest that rejection from a girl started the whole thing, and then he's attacking a bunch of girls. And it's set in fucking Isla Vista. The movie is titled "Del Playa," which is the name of one of the community's maIN STREETS. HELLO. HOW CAN THE MOVIE HAVE A CONNECTION TO SANTA BARBARA AND BE SET IN ISLA VISTA AND NOT BE ABOUT ELLIOT RODGER?

And we're supposed to believe it's just about bullying and violence? Going off of the official movie trailer, all I see is a rejected boy attacking half-naked girls. If this is about bullying, why isn't the trailer instead full of images of the kid attacking other boys? Or his shitty dad or whoever? The trailer contains a half second shot of a dead body that might be male and another half second shot of the killer about to hit or stab a hooded figure that might also be male, and then shot after shot of him attacking girls in bras and terrified girls and a girl with tape over her mouth.

"It was never out intend to monopolize" well you're clearly trying to make as much money off of this as possible by making it into a fucking snuff film that caters to fucking pedophile assholes who get off seeing teen girls murdered in their underwear because WHY ELSE WOULD YOU UNNECESSARILY HAVE HALF THE TEEN GIRLS IN THEIR UNDERWEAR AT THE TIME OF THEIR MURDER?

So based on the trailer, which I would assume you'd probably have to sign off on, it looks like a movie that sends the message that women/girls create monsters by rejecting men/boys and having asshole boyfriends who beat them up and then probably the mother figure is to blame for letting the father figure beat him and then let's spend the rest of the film showing teen girls in lacy underwear getting terrorized and tortured and murdered.

And the discussion of bullying comes in where, exactly?

Shaun Hart, you are officially disgusting and horrible, and I hope the movie gets pulled and I hope the creator of the storyline goes broke and the producers lose a ton of money on it and I hope all of you are never able to make movies again because you're shoved into garbage cans that are duct-taped shut and rolled out of Hollywood and you're told that if you ever come back they'll do it again with more duct tape.

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