Monday, August 17, 2015

NBC Cuts Off Janelle Monáe for Talking About Black Lives


The incredible Janelle Monáe was performing on the unworthy Today Show and at the end she gave a shout-out to the to "all who've lost lives to police brutality." Before she could finish, the NBC anchor started talking over her and the camera panned away.

How fucking dare they.

The ironic thing is that they cut her off just in time to obscure her saying "we will not be silenced."

Black America will not be silenced, though not for lack of trying by White America.

You can see it all here, plus her amazing performance:

The part where she was cut off is at the end, but you should watch the whole performance because GOD DAMN SHE IS GOOD. I've seen so many performances by my fellow white people who are so mediocre live. Janelle Monáe, just, damn. You don't cut off someone this perfect.

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