Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Misogynist Nerds Get Spanked at Hugo Awards

Do you hear that? That faint, yet piercing sound seeming to come from the depths of the universe?

That's the sound of me laughing my ass off.

The Hugo Awards are for fantasy and sci-fi literature, so naturally, it's Geek City. And I know from experience that geek boys can be the worst, most insidious misogynists. Case in point, a group of white geek dudes that actually calls themselves the "Sad Puppies" (falling right into the male tears trap there) pulled some bullshit to make it so that almost all of this year's nominees were by white men.

Apparently the whole Sad Puppy deal is that they think awards should only be based on the literature and that authors shouldn't get special treatment because they're female or people of color or LGBTQAIP+ or fit into any other marginalized identity that might give them a different perspective than that of your able-bodied, neurotypical, cishet white dude.

It never occurs to them to consider why all their personal favorite stories are by super privileged people. After all, writing is not some kind of objective science. Like any art form, story telling is only really good when it deliberately breaks the rules. I majored in creative writing, and the conclusion I came to is that the only way to measure the value of a written work is by the depth and breadth of the effect it has on the reader. And that's a deeply personal experience. For me, I'm most affected when I read something from a perspective I'd never considered that teaches me something I've never known. And that's why diversity is essential.

Anyway, as it turns out, there is hope for humanity, because all the other nerds were so pissed about the Puppies shitting all over the ballot that they collectively forked over a crap load of money for "member dues" so they could vote and made it so none of the Puppy-backed nominees won. Literally. For the categories that only had Puppy-backed nominees, most of the votes went to "No Award." They all lost.

Pardon me.

*Throws chair in hysterical mirth*

I love my fellow nerds sometimes. Most of them really are good.

Fuck you, Sad Puppies.

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