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Hahahahahahahahaha menstrugate hahahahha get it hahahahahahaha.

Okay. In honor of the fact that I'm starting my period today, let's talk about the limits people seem to have in supporting the normalization of period-having.

By which I mean read this thing:

Solidarity is for Megyn Kelly

So during the actual circus act that was the first Republican "debate," Megyn Kelly of Fox News pissed off Donald Trump by asking him how he can be President while being such a misogynistic dickhole. Trump predictably responded by being a misogynistic dickhole.

Let's all remember that this entire incident is predicated on the false assumption that only women have periods. Okay.

In response to these remarks, outraged Twitter users responded with the hashtag #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult. The woman who started it all, Amber Gordon, even created a set of templates from which Twitter users can automatically tweet about their periods. The results were glorious.

Glorious indeed. Donald Trump's Twitter mentions were flooded by people who menstruate talking about their periods. Around the same time, a woman in London named Kiran Ghandi (who, incidentally, is not white like Kelly is) published an essay about how she ran a marathon during her period without wearing a pad or tampon or other blood-catching device - aka "free bleeding."

Apparently, people don't have a problem with calling out Donald Trump for using menstruation as an insult because there's nothing wrong with menstruation, but if they actually might have to see some menstrual blood WHOA SHIT THAT'S DISGUSTING, HIDE YOUR SHAME.

This is all the more ridiculous because Ghandi was doing her thing to try and raise awareness about the fact that there's no information about the possible health issues that could occur while running with a tampon (toxic shock, anyone?) as well as the lack of access to menstruation hygiene products in very poor areas of the world.

We don't exactly need to raise awareness about the fact that Trump is a dickhole.

Anne Thériault makes all these points and more. People need to immediately get over themselves about menstruation. This can be an actual health issue. Lack of information about menstruation, and especially tampon usage, can literally kill people. Unless you have dysphoria around menstruation: Get. Over. It.

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