Friday, August 28, 2015

Men Are So Embarrassing


Of course right after I use this month's "Headline of the Month," an even better one pops up.

Scam of the Day: Turns Out Ashley Madison Was 20 Million Dudes Trying to Talk to 1,500 Women

Before I go into why this is hilarious, I need to talk about why the release of the names of people who had Ashley Madison account was terrible.

Firstly, people in countries where being gay can get you thrown in jail/killed used it to find one another for some relief from the hell of living a lie. Now these individuals are in serious danger. The hackers don't seem to care.

Second, people in abusive relationships who don't feel safe leaving (because the danger of being murdered by an abusive spikes when you try to leave) will cheat in order to find some comfort and emotional support in their own hell. Now those people are in danger.

Generally, people's sex lives are their own business. Except for that Duggar guy. He forfeited his right to privacy a long time ago. They should have just released the accounts from that family and sex-shaming politicians.


This is hilarious, not for homophobic reasons, but because so many men try to convince women that we cheat just as much as men. And I think the idea that men who've convinced themselves of that idea over time because they spent so much time trying to convince women of it so they could get laid going onto Ashley Madison assuming they were going to find women when in reality it was utterly saturated with similar asshole men.

I hope they're all super embarrassed now.

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