Thursday, August 27, 2015

Marrying Young Teen Girls is Not Normal


And never has been.

A section of the grossest people on Earth like to talk about how, in the Middle Ages and surrounding time periods, grown men used to marry young teen girls all the time! Or at least teenagers used to marry each other because they'd die by like 30 so they needed to get going and impregnate those teen girls.

Thanks again to Tumblr, I've found out that historical texts say that the average age of marriage for men and women was 18-23. Many were pregnant at the time of marriage, but only because premarital sex was actually pretty accepted if the pair intended to get married.

The only reason this myth came to be is because the only people marrying 13-year-old girls when they were like 50 were the rich nobles who were the ones who had time/money to keep an account of their lives and family history. And rich people are fucked up.

Also, in cultures in which arranged marriages were common, couples would be promised to one another at a young age but wouldn't be married or even meet until they were much older.

So, as always, people claiming that marrying and impregnating (raping) young teen girls is normal or that the stigma of such a thing is recent are pedophilia/child molester apologists and should be run out of town by a mob carrying torches and pitchforks, and then run out of the next town in the same fashion until the only place they have left to go is international waters.

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