Monday, August 17, 2015

Male Entitlement is Dangerous


You know what that means. Yet another woman attacked by a man for saying no!

Montreal woman punched in face in bar fight offers warning to other women

The warning being that if you tell men to stop harassing you, they might violently attack you.

Apparently a group of men were being dickwads in a bar to a group of women, and after a verbal altercation, the men left but one came back and violated some personal space because, again, dickwads. The woman in the article yelled at him, shoving occurred, and then she threw her drink in his face. His response was to wrap both hands around her neck and try to choke her. To get him off, she smashed a pint glass over his head, and then he punched her in the face.

There are two things I want to point out here. Firstly, to the men who like to ask "if men and women are equal does that mean I can hit women now?" Men already hit us. All we have to do is demand respect and maybe get them a little wet and they go right for our throats.

Secondly, fuck cops.

Lefebvre said the police had told her that she was in the wrong because she had used a weapon — the glass — and that she should have called for help rather than try to take on the situation herself. 


This really pisses me off because it's the same shit that's been said to female victims of domestic abuse for decades. "Don't defend yourself. Don't hit back. That makes you just as wrong as he is. Nevermind self-defense laws. Oh but if you're a white guy with a gun and someone even makes you feel a little threatened, go ahead and shoot him in the face."

Fuck that shit. Hitting him with the glass was a fantastic idea. He could have killed her. I'm so glad she had the presence of mind to grab the glass and hit him with it. He deserved every bit of it and he should be in jail.

Now, some people would tell you not to look at the comments on that article. But I'm telling you that, if you're a man, you need to go look at the comments.

The top comment is engaging in the old "if you do this minor thing you should expect this completely disproportionate reaction" bullshit. "You can't expect to throw a drink in someone's face and not get any retaliation," he says. Actually, I should be able to expect to not have a guy strangle me, which seems to me to be attempted murder because fuck, that is a vital area, just because I threw a drink in his face. You know what I should expect? At most, for him to throw a drink in my face. Or something equally un-dangerous to my health.

And tell me why he shouldn't have expected a drink in his face if he was harassing her and intentionally violating her boundaries? Why didn't he expect a pint glass to the head if he was going to fucking choke her? It's always on women. Women should have expected this. Women should have done that. She should have called the bouncer that didn't exist. She should have called the police while he was choking her out. On and on and on.

But that's not the worst of it. Oh no.

The woman herself, Chantal Lefebvre, has documented the worst comments for us all to see. These are the ones that directly say she deserved to be choked, punched, and worse. Including death. Yes, there are multiple men who think she should have died for defending herself and demanding the respect she deserves by throwing a drink in a man's face. She made a collage out of that shit, if you have the stomach to look at it. And below that she explains how she has no regrets and that the dickwad deserved the drink to the face and the pint glass to the head.

Reminder that these comments are not out of the norm. I see comments like this every time a woman is attacked for defending herself. By lots of different men. There is a good portion of the male population that thinks women deserve to die for saying no to men.

Tell me again that I'm too emotional over this shit.

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