Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mail Time!

Somebody sent me a very formal email about a case of clear gender and religious discrimination. I was kind of surprised to get an email from what appeared to be a PR firm telling me about the case press release style like I'm some kind of reputable news organization but hey, I'll spread your petition around, Nick.

Here's the email text:

A highly regarded and consistently praised former professor at Northwest Christian University (NCU) in Eugene, Oregon, has filed a lawsuit against the University claiming she was fired for being pregnant and unwed, following an ultimatum given to her by the University to either marry or terminate the relationship with the child’s father.  
Coty Richardson, an exercise science instructor at NCU for the past five years, became pregnant in early 2015. She notified the University of her pregnancy in the spring, surrounding the signing of her employment agreement for the 2015-2016 school year. Upon learning Ms. Richardson did not plan to marry the child’s father, who lives in Seattle, Ms. Richardson was abruptly fired, following an ultimatum by the University that she either marry the child’s father or terminate the relationship with him. This is despite the fact there are several unmarried fathers employed by the University.  
Ms. Richardson and her lawyer, Jason Rittereiser of HKM Employment Attorneys, have filed suit against NCU for discrimination and wrongful termination as a result of her marital status, gender, pregnancy status, and/or religion. A petition has been started to encourage the University to reinstate Professor Richardson. This petition, along with a copy of the complaint and other information about the case, can be found at 
Please let me know if you would like additional information or if you would like to speak with Mr. Rittereiser regarding this lawsuit. Below my signature is a press release announcing the lawsuit. 
Thank you. 
Nick Gaffney

Short version: Teacher at Christian university gets pregnant by her boyfriend, the school says "marry him, dump him, or get fired," teacher's like "hell no," she gets fired. Teacher is now suing, as well she should, especially since "there are several unmarried fathers employed by the University."

That is some straight up misogynistic bullshit. It's okay for men to be unmarried with kids but for women it's against their "core values" and sets a "bad example"? Fuck that and fuck them. I hope they lose and have to pay her so much money.

Here's the petition. It has barely any signatures so far so spread that shit around. If not for Coty (not a typo), then for Nick!

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