Thursday, August 27, 2015

Headline of the Month

Louisiana townsfolk terror-freak over Hebrew "welcome home" sign

It says "Welcome home, Yamit." People thought it was in Arabic and called the sheriff's office to report a "terror message."

Lowering the Bar makes some really good points about how ridiculous this is.

  • You are not necessarily in danger just because you see something you don't recognize.
  • The risk that you will be in the danger zone of a terror attack is incredibly low overall.
  • It's probably even lower in Gardner, Louisiana, not known to be high on the list of ISIS targets.
  • If it were, the terrorists probably would not warn you or communicate with each other by putting up signs.
  • And if they just wanted to terrorize you with signs, they wouldn't write them IN ARABIC.

American Islamophobia. Always funny. Unless you're Muslim.

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