Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cis Privilege is Not Being Chased Down the Street By a Child With a Gun


Holy fucking goddamn hell.

Boy, 12, opens fire on transgender woman in possible hate crime


I mean, not that a 12-year old should be charged with a hate crime because that seems like a purely adult crime and I'm not about to say any 12-year-old should be tried as an adult, because that's fucked up. But maybe arrest ALL OF SOCIETY BECAUSE THAT'S FUCKED UP.

A 26-year-old transgender woman said she was chased down the street and shot at several times just before midnight Thursday, police said. 
The woman, identified as Andrew West, told police that the child emptied the gun while firing, but missed every time. 
West said the boy was on the phone and that she heard him say, "I'm going to kill this (expletive)," before opening fire.

Can we declare a state of emergency at this point because children are straight up chasing black trans women down the street with guns.

This is what the widespread, open, and blatant transmisogyny in media and every other aspect of society gets us. This is fucking unacceptable. Call out transmisogyny everywhere you see it immediately and do not hold back.

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