Friday, August 7, 2015

Boycott the Stonewall Movie

If you haven't yet heard because you're not on Twitter (or are following all the wrong accounts), people are calling for a boycott of the upcoming movie Stonewall about the famous Stonewall Riots and the incident's role in sparking the LGBTQAIP+ rights movement and the beginning of Pride.

Though according to this movie, it sparked the (cis white) gay rights movement and (cis white) gay pride.

Image courtesy of Planet Transgender

That's because instead of telling the real story and showing how a black drag queen (Marsha P. Johnson) and a Puerto Rican trans woman (Silvia Rivera) sparked the very first of the Stonewall Riots, they invented some thin white cis gay dude named "Danny" and gave the credit to him. Johnson and Rivera aren't even in the movie.

The fuck?

Oh wait, actually, that's not surprising at all considering the way trans people and people of color are constantly left out of their own history by white cis people trying to take all the credit, cashing in on that tendency for people to think of "white" and "cis" as the default mode of existence.

Anyway, so fuck this movie, don't see it. Tell your friends not to see it. Instead, check out this interview of someone who was actually there and read up on Marsha P. Johnson and Silvia Rivera.

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