Friday, August 28, 2015

Ableism is Deadly

Ill and disabled people are dying in Britain because the government found them "fit to work." 2,380 people died between 2011 and 2014 soon after their financial assistance was cut off. A crap load of those people died within two weeks of losing their assistance.

So either losing their assistance killed them or they were found fit to work when they were on the edge of death.

A lot of people are saying the numbers should be "treated with caution" until they can be further analyzed. I feel like people's lives should be treated with caution until it can be determined that your shitty government won't kill them.

Apparently the "work capability assessment" process is outsourced to a private company that has been widely criticized for being terrible at everything.

The WCA, currently administered by private outsourcing firm Maximus, having for most of the last government been run by Atos, has been widely criticised as error-prone and mechanistic, often causing harm to the sick and disabled claimants who are obliged to undergo it. It has been dogged by administrative delays, which have often left claimants stressed and penniless, and there have been hundreds of thousands of appeals against fit-for-work decisions in recent years, about four in 10 of which have succeeded.

But we shouldn't assume their incompetence killed the sick people they left without any support? Okay.

This is a part of a pattern in the UK lately to throw chronically ill and disabled people under the bus as part of their austerity programs. Disabled people have literally been attacked in public in the UK because of the rhetoric that blames them and their totally selfish need to have money to live for all of the country's financial problems somehow. Turns out they've been dying without that money.

It's incredibly obvious how ableism is deadly. There are very few dots to connect. Yet people want to act like it doesn't exist. Seriously?

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