Thursday, July 30, 2015

World Record-Holding Bodybuilder is a Trans Woman!

Janae Marie Kroc just revealed that she's a trans woman. Another world class athlete coming out to the world and rejecting the shame that said world wants to impose upon her.

Translation: Hero.

You can see the full open letter she released here (warning: article uses her dead name).

Or you can read this article which fully respects her pronouns and uses her real name.

She actually not only identified herself as trans, she describes herself as genderfluid and a lesbian. She calls herself "both hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine" and says she's still not 100% certain of what she needs to do to be at peace with herself.

This is some incredible, gender-binary-smashing shit. I love it. I love her. Congratulations, Janae!

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