Thursday, July 9, 2015

"What Rape Culture?"


Apparently, there was a rape trial several years ago in which nobody was allowed to use the word "rape." Or "sexual assault kit" or "victim" or "assailant."

Literally. The lawyer made the motion to ban those words, and the judge accepted.

Therefore, the victim had to refer to what happened to her as "sex" even though rape is not sex because sex is by definition CONSENSUAL.

The trial ended in a hung jury. Eventually prosecutors chose to drop the case. Once again, no justice.

Nine years later, the judge admits that allowing those words to be banned was "kind of a mistake I made."


In the immortal words of misandry-mermaid:

In what other criminal trials do they ban witnesses people in the courtroom from using the name of the actual crime that the defendant is accused of? 
“Is it true that around 1am, the defendant entered your home and…uh,  borrowed your flatscreen without permission?” 
“I saw the defendant walk up and… show the witness his new gun and ask if he would be willing to donate money or even his whole wallet.” 
“Let the record show that the defendant’s banks statements show him buying rope, bleach and knives, two days before he was witnessed… um, relieving his neighbor of her vital life force.”

Hello rape culture.

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